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10th October 2017           9am            2S Visit to Marks & Spencer (see website for information)
11th October 2017           9am            Y3 Assembly
17th October 2017           9am            2H Visit to Marks & Spencer (see website for information)
18th October 2017           9am            Y4 Assembly
18th October 2017           12.20pm     Y4 Family Lunch
19th October 2017                              Y3 Stone Age Day in the Yurt
8th November 2017         9am            Y2 Assembly
15th November 2017       9am            Y1 Assembly
17th November 2017                          Children in Need (details to follow)
12th December 2017                          R-Y4 Christmas Performances (details to follow)
13th December 2017                          Nursery Christmas Performances (details to follow)
                                                            Y1-Y4 Christmas Performances (details to follow)
w/c 18th December 2017                    Christmas Parties (details to follow)
Parental Consultation Letters
The Autumn term parental consultation letters are now available on the school website under Parents, Letters, then your child's Year Group, then October.  Please complete the reply slip and return it to your child's class teacher as soon as possible.

Forest School Bat Walk

This year at Forest School has once again been a hive of activity for the hordes of native wildlife bustling around the site during both day and night. Following the incredible success of last year’s bat walk,we are happy to announce it’s return!

On Wednesday 11th October at 6:00pm, Forest School are hosting a ‘Bat Walk’ to track and observe these impressive night time creatures.  Participants will be introduced to the ingenious life of a bat and shown how to find them through the use of professional bat detection equipment. Sunset is at 6:17pm with the evening’s exploration finishing around 7:30pm.

All children attending must be accompanied by an adult. Please bring along appropriate footwear and clothing. The meeting point will be outside the Forest School classroom. All are welcome to experience this unique event and there’s no need to book. Let’s hope we can match last year’s record breaking evening!

Casual Lunchtime Supervisor
Are you interested in some casual work as a lunchtime supervisor?  If so please leave your name and number with the office and we'll get back to you with more information. Thanks 
Abbeyfields Family Lunches
We are delighted to announce that we will be running the first of our family lunches for Year 4 on Wednesday 18th October from 12.20pm. On this day 30 of our year 4 children can bring along one adult family member to enjoy a school dinner with them for just £3.50.  Children's lunches at £2.20 are to be paid for in the usual way and both adult and child must have a school dinner to be included.  Mrs Middleton and her team will be cooking one of their delicious roasts, so places which will be allocated on a first come first served basis will no doubt be snapped up quickly! If you'd like to book your place please make a payment on School Gateway under 'Family Lunch'.  Once the 30 available places have been taken, it will not be possible to make a payment.  If you have made a payment, you can be assured that you have reserved a place.
Class Last Week’s Percentage Attendance Yearly Percentage Attendance to Date
RD 88.7% 93.0%
RM 99.3% 97.7%
1J 94.0% 95.4%
1B 100.0% 99.3%
2S 98.3% 96.2%
2H 100.0% 99.2%
3D 99.0% 98.8%
3C 92.8% 95.2%
4G 94.7% 96.1%
4H 100.0% 99.2%

Total Percentage



Our winner this week is Mrs Kirby, Miss Halliford and Mrs Heide's classes.
Vodafone have produced an electronic publication which includes information on specific concerns with regards to the use of social media and the internet which is aimed specifically and children and young people.  It includes topics such as cyberbullying or sexting, and ways in which you can help to keep your children safe in the digital world.  It also gives information on the must-have apps and social media platforms that are proving so popular with children and young people.  To view this document, please click here.
Can You Help Us To Raise More Funds To Improve YOUR Child’s Education at Abbeyfields?
Did you know that by making a successful application for ‘traditional’ free school meals, you can help Abbeyfields to raise extra funds (Pupil Premium) to support and improve YOUR child’s education?
Why should I apply for ‘traditional’ free school meals if my child is already having a free dinner?
There are a number of reasons why applying now for ‘traditional’ free school meals is a good idea:
  • Your child will immediately become eligible for free school milk.
  • You may get help with the cost of educational visits.
  • You will get help with the cost of other activities such as music tuition.
  • If your circumstances do not change, your child will automatically receive traditional free school meals when they move into year 3 without you needing to do anything, saving you over £350 a year on meals.
  • School will receive Pupil Premium income for every child who is registered for traditional free school meals and will have more money to spend on helping your child to achieve their potential.
  • All of these benefits to you and school apply even if your child would prefer to bring a packed lunch to school – they just need to be registered for ‘traditional’ free school meals.
Would I qualify?
If you are in receipt of ANY one of the following benefits, then you should be eligible and able to help us raise more funds:
  • Child Tax Credit (Families receiving Working Tax Credit are not eligible)
  • Income Support
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
  • Guaranteed Element of State Pension Credit
  • Support under part VI of The Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • Working Tax Credit ‘run-on’ – the payment made for a further 4 weeks after someone stops qualifying for Working Tax Credit
How do I apply? To apply simply complete the on-line form at or call Free School Meals at County Hall on 01670 623592. For more information speak to Mrs Mungall or Mrs Gibson in the school office; your enquiry will be dealt with in complete confidence.
Attention all nursery parents - 30 hours of free childcare from September 2017
Nationally all three and four-year-olds are entitled to free high-quality early education, starting in the term after a child’s third birthday until compulsory school age.  The current standard free entitlement is 15 hours a week (570 hours a year) for 38 weeks of the year. Starting in September 2017, eligible families will be able to claim an additional 15 hours free childcare per week, taking their entitlement to 30 hours for 38 weeks of the year (1140 hours a year). 
As you know, following consultation with parents and due to restrictions around funding and space we made the decision not to make any additional offer from September and will be continuing to provide high quality education to our children in 15 hour nursery places on a choice of 2 attendance patterns.  However, some parents may not be aware that if they are eligible they can claim their additional free15 hours at up to 2 more settings such as a child-minder or another nursery.  If you are eligible you can then easily apply for a verification code which needs to be given to all of the settings your child attends, including Abbeyfields.  This is the case even if you are not immediately using more than 15 hours as each code generated needs to be allocated to a setting.  Please forward your verification codes to or drop them into the office. 
More information on the 30 hour scheme and how to apply can be found at: 
To all Year 4 Parents….
The online portal for admissions to Year 5 opened in September for children transferring from First to Middle/Primary School in September 2018.  We strongly advise that you use all of the three options for schools.  If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to speak to the Mrs Ford via the office.  Please note that the deadline for applications is 31 October 2017.
There is a lot to tell you about this week!
1) Fundraising Bag Pack at Morrisons- THIS SUNDAY 8th OCTOBER
Morpeth Morrisons have very kindly given us the opportunity to raise funds for Abbeyfields by doing a bag pack this Sunday 8th October. We have had very few offers of help at the moment. The more people who offer to help the more tills we can pack at and the more we can raise. If you can spare an hour or more from 10am onwards please do come along. If you are bringing your children it would be great if they could wear their Abbeyfields jumper! A sign up sheet is in the foyer or you can email the address above. THANK YOU!
2) Halloween Disco for Years 1-4 – Friday 13th October 5.30pm- 7.15pm
Entry wristbands will be on sale in the school yard at school pick up from this coming Monday 9th October. If you will not be at pick up money in a labelled envelope can be handed in at the office to reserve a ticket (subject to availability).   Entry is £4 and this price includes a hot dog, drink, treat and glo-band. Children can attend without an adult, but due to fire limits any adults wishing to stay will need to buy a ticket.  We would really appreciate offers of help to staff the event.

The safeguarding of your children is paramount so we need to have strict signing in and signing out procedures. Doors will be open from 7.05pm but please do not enter the assembly hall itself until asked to by FOAS helpers. We really appreciate your patience and cooperation with these necessary procedures.
Fancy dress can be worn, but is not mandatory. As in previous years we would be very grateful if children did NOT wear masks. Thank you.
3) Christmas Card Design Project
Following its success in recent years we are running the Cauliflower Cards Design a Christmas Card project again this year. The information sheet for submitting your child’s artwork to school should be arriving home this week.

All children in the nursery and school will be able to create their own Christmas card design and you will be able to order packs of cards featuring this design to send to your friends and family this Christmas. Due to the children and teachers being so busy in school we ask that the designs are done at home- thank you for your help with this.

The company we are using photograph your child’s design, meaning that their design can include pens, paint and pencils but can also include collage, fabric, glitter, googly eyes or whatever they fancy using (within reason!). For ideas and inspiration go to and view their gallery and there is also a Christmas Art Ideas Book in the school foyer.

If any other members of your family would like to join in then we do have a few spare order forms- please ask for these at the school office. If you don’t wish to order Christmas cards please note that the same form can be used to order packs of cards with other greetings eg. Thank You or Happy Birthday.

All orders must be returned to your child’s classroom by Monday 16th October please. Payment and ordering this year will be ONLINE- information regarding this is on the form.

The cards that were designed by the children in previous years looked fantastic and a lot of fun was had designing them. We hope that you and your children enjoy creating this year’s cards and we look forward to seeing all your designs!
 4) News from the Friends of Abbeyfields AGM
This was held on Tuesday 3rd October. It was great to welcome two new faces to the team. Last year FOAS organised 14 events and fundraisers, plus of course the ice pops, reindeer food etc. A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped in any way to enable us to provide these activities for the children of Abbeyfields to enjoy.
This year Melanie Scott stood down as Chair of FOAS and we thank her very warmly for all her amazing energy, inspiration, hard work and dedication to her role over the years. She assisted the Chair from 2010 then has been Chair since 2012, overseeing some wonderful FOAS events. As well as lots of happy memories for lots of Abbeyfields children over the years she also leaves behind a projector, yurt, picnic tables, ipads, playground toys and lots more! Thank you, Melanie, for everything you have done for the Abbeyfields community. We hope you find your new role as Dowager Chair Emeritus a bit more relaxing…
We welcomed Beccy Pearson as our new Chair of FOAS with Cath Tait as Vice Chair and hope they have lots of fun (amongst the hard work!) in their new roles.

Other committee roles: Aileen Lambie- Treasurer, Jaz Manship- Assistant Treasurer, Lynsey Martin- Secretary, Rachel Lyons- Publicity, Rachel Charlton– Publicity Assistant, Jessica Graham- Committee member.

Thank you for all your ongoing support of FOAS activities. As always, do get in touch if you have any queries or suggestions for FOAS, or if you are able to offer to help with any events- either speak to a committee member or email
YEAR 4 - News in Brief
This week Year 4 have begun to look at their parts for our class assembly. The children are already showing great enthusiasm for the songs we will be singing. In Maths we have been learning about column subtraction including solving calculations that require exchanging. The children have also solved word problems using the skills that they have learned. In English the children finished retelling the story of Romulus and Remus and proof-read their writing to check for any spelling or punctuation errors and thought about how they could improve their writing. We have also been learning about verbs and adverbs and have been using these in our independent writing. Today we have been to Segedunum which the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed! The children were all fantastic and were great representatives for Abbeyfields.
YEAR 3 - News in Brief
The Year 3s have been busy practising for their assembly which we are looking forward to performing next Wednesday. Please encourage them all to learn their words.  In English the children have been using their imagination to write a story of what it would be like to fall into the Stone Age.  They have been using historical facts to recount some of the activities that they might take part in and using adverbials and adjectives to add interest to their sentences.  In Maths the children have been continuing to utilise the skills that they have developed with place value to work on addition and subtraction of ones and tens.  They have also been using reasoning skills to explain the maths behind their answers.  As part of their topic work they have started investigating the Neolithic village of Skara Brae using researching skills on the internet - see if they can tell you anything about the village from what they have found out so far.  Please could you continue to send in items such as small stones, sticks and an old duster in readiness for some of our craft activities?  We still have a few forms outstanding for the Stone Age Day, so please could we ask that they are handed in as soon as possible?  We hope to see as many of you as possible for the assembly next Wednesday.  
YEAR 2 - News in Brief
In Maths we have been subtracting - again using a variety of resources and using our  partitioning skills. Well done to everyone who completed their partitioning homework - what a lot of clever boys and girls we have in Year2!  This week we have been lucky enough to go on a trip down to Chantry and have a special visitor from M&S come in to talk to us. Ask your children all about what they have done and discovered. Look out for a letter in your child's bag which was sent out yesterday concerning exciting activities in the coming weeks.
YEAR 1 - News in Brief
In maths this week the children have been learning about greater than and less than symbols.  Ask your child to explain what the crocodile likes to eat!  In science we have been looking at how we have grown and we have been using our senses to explore the environment around us.  A few children have lost their school jumpers recently.  Please could you check your child's jumper to make sure they have the right one.  Thank you for your cooperation.  
Please remember there will be NO MULTISKILLS CLUB this week. Miss Halliford and Miss Simpson look forward to seeing their Multiskills friends for the final session next week (13.10.17).
RECEPTION - News in Brief
The children have enjoyed learning more about their senses and have been keen to explore the school grounds to look for signs of Autumn.  In Maths the focus has been 2D shapes and we have been naming circle, triangle, rectangle and square.  The children have been encouraged to point and count the corners and sides of each shape.  We have also been continuing to form our numerals and letters correctly so when the children are working on their homework could you reinforce this please especially where to start them. The rhymes help so the more the children hear them and are encouraged to use them the better! There are lots of fun ways to work on these such as writing in the sand, water painting, chalking outside or air writing....keeping it fun and practical helps so long as the correct formation is used.  Please remember to put names on any homework worksheets too! 
NURSERY - News in Brief
Goodness me, another fun packed week in Nursery. We have been so busy thinking about the colour red and the triangle shape. We have learned two new songs this week, our 'red' song and our 'autumn leaves' song ask us to sing them at home. Inside we printed red triangles using potatoes and made red triangle collages using lots of different materials - we even had red glue! We enjoyed playing with our red sparkly playdoh and we even made red rice to play with, ask us to tell you how we turned the rice from white to red... Outside we went for a lovely autumn walk to the school orchard where we picked some juicy red apples. We drew them back in Nursery then washed and ate them for our snack, delicious! We have also impressed Mrs Shooter with our counting skills, accurately counting 10 red objects using our peter pointer fingers to help us. Phew, what a busy week. Next week we will be thinking about yellow squares, so if the children have anything yellow or square shaped they can bring it in next week. And finally we all smiled beautifully for our school photograph this week - gorgeous! Thank you. 
ASAC  - News in Brief
This week has been a snappy week in After School Club as we have been making venus fly traps in craft.  Outside we have been working as teams in football matches and learning to be part of a group.  Just a reminder that the closing time of After School Club is 5.30pm prompt, so please ensure that your child is collected by then to avoid a £10 surcharge being made.  Many thanks.
BSC  - News in Brief
A busy week in the hall and in the ASAC classroom (due to photos).  Parachute games, soft play, ball pool, table football, role play corner, dressing up costumes, darts and in,preparation for Halloween, colouring in activity sheets.  Our story this week was 'The Biggest Baddest Wolf' by Nick  Ward.  Can your child tell you who Harum Scarum frightened?  But who could he not leave home without?
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