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May 2016
Gulfstream® Navigator & WWL Orcelle® Awards
Application Deadline Approaching!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016, at 11:59PM GMT

The Gulfstream® Navigator Award 2016 seeks solutions in the area of renewable energy in celebration of Gulfstream’s investment in renewable fuels. 

The WWL Orcelle® Award 2016 is open to solutions that make shipping and logistics more sustainable by advancing zero-emission, marine and/or land based technologies that are commercially viable. 
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Ocean Exchange Newsletter, May 2016 Edition

Zero-Blade Wind Energy Converter
by Saphon Energy
2015 Gulfstream® Navigator Winner
The Saphonian, a zero-blade wind energy converter, is a radical new way to generate efficient, cost-effective and sustainable green energy. It is different from conventional bladed turbines as it is bladeless and doesn’t rotate. It has a simple and unique design that is largely inspired from sailboat motion. 

Saphon has recently conducted turbine testing with a new industrial prototype, pictured above. The wind energy converter has also received recent attention from Reuters, who say "A Tunisian start-up has taken inspiration from the sailing boats of Ancient Carthage to develop a bladeless, non-rotating wind energy convertor that is more efficient than traditional turbines as well as safer and quieter, according to the developers." (full article, with video footage here)
Energy Efficient, Low Emission Ignition
by Transient Plasma Systems
2015 WWL Orcelle® Winner
Transient Plasma Systems (TPS) has developed an energy efficient, low emission ignition technology which is considered by automotive and truck manufacturers and engine producers to be the quickest solution to meet stringent new fuel economy regulations in the US. 

Since winning the Orcelle® Award last year, TPS has demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology under significantly higher pressure than previously. Additionally, TPS is developing “coil-on-plug” type non-thermal plasma ignition system, pictured above. This prototype system will be tested in gasoline engines early this year.

Desalination at the Speed of Light
by Okeanos
2014 Gulfstream® Navigator Winner
The Okeanos WaterChip™ uses a microscale process called Electrochemically Mediated Desalination (EMD) to desalinate with radical energy-efficiency.

CEO and Founder of Okeanos, Tony Frudakis reports: "Since winning the Ocean Exchange Navigator award in 2014, we have developed a new postage-stamp sized WaterChip™ prototype and demonstrated reliable desalination of laboratory/artificial seawaters using a variety of metrics including conductivity, mass balance analyses and brine stream enrichment of charged, fluorescent tracers. In the past six months, we won a spot in Denmark’s Accelerace Next Step Challenge incubator, and in March of 2016 we established a parallel research effort there to develop a third, higher flow-rate prototype in partnership with Denmark’s clean-tech innovation fund, and researchers at Aalborg University.”
Deep Green
by Minesto AB
2014 WWL Orcelle® Winner
Deep Green technology is described as an "underwater kite", and is able to economically generate energy from low current and low velocity ocean environments. 

Minesto has recently announced a partnership with Schottell Hydro, and the team has placed an order for a turbine prototype which is expected to be active in early 2017. (press coverage here) Additionally, Minesto is now listed on the Swedish NASDAQ under the abbreviation MINEST. Read the press release here.
The WITT Device
by WITT Energy
2013 Gulfstream® Navigator Winner
The energy collecting device called Whatever Input to Torsion Transfer or WITT offers a solution to collect energy from all natural occurring motional energy, and turn it into useable power.

Peter Beech, PR and Media Manager, reports that WITT has recently completed a CrowdCube fundraising campaign which became the largest crowdfunded equity raise ever for a cleantech company. CEO Mairi Wickett says “"It's an awesome result and we'd like to thank everyone who has invested in this amazing technology. This investment will not only allow us to put the 200-Watt Marine WITT into production, but it will also enable us to develop and commercialise other WITT applications, and open doors with licensing partners.” (read more here)
by ECOsubsea
2013 WWL Orcelle® Winner
ECOsubsea developed technology that allows ship owners to clean accrued debris from their vessel hulls while in port. This increases efficiency, lessens the risk of importing invasive species, and ultimately reduces heavy metal emissions.

Tor Østervold, CEO of ECOsubsea reports: "We have opened our second cleaning station in Southampton, UK and it is progressing better than we had hoped. It was initially planned for operations to start this summer, but the cleaning station is already receiving ships with great results. In addition to a ramp up of our technology, we are also planning an issuance of shares to prepare for the stages ahead. Further spread of the technology will provide more environmental benefits and fuel savings for vessels, and greener ports." 
Open Source Sailing Robot 
2012 Gulfstream® Navigator Winner
Protei are shape-shifting, open hardware, sailing robots that sense and clean the oceans. Since 2012 they have assisted with tracking and clean-up from natural disasters such as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and 

Cesar Harada reports that Protei has been setting up its base in Hong Kong as "MakerBay" the largest and most dynamic maker space in the region. In the autumn and winter of 2016 there are plans to build the first habitable Protei, one that people can sail. It will be between five and eight meters in length, and accommodate two sailors. It will be tested primarily in Hong Kong, and discussions are active with several potential sponsors for the project. 
Emulsion Combustion System
by Nonox, Ltd.
2012 WWL Orcelle® Winner
Nonox is a simple patented emulsion fuel system, which produces a water-in-oil emulsion fuel that requires no surfactants, chemical additives nor special storage. It can significantly reduce fuel use. 

According to recent press coverage in Motorship Magazine, Nonox is currently equipping one of the Royal Caribbean cruise liners with their system on their six Wartsila diesels that power the diesel electric system. "We have found that the engine manufacturers and the engineers are very receptive to our emulsion system where the water content can be tuned to the particular engine requirements." commented Eric Cottel, the President of Nonox. (full article here)
Wave Glider
by Liquid Robotics
2011 Gulfstream® Navigator Winner
The Wave Glider is an autonomous, unmanned surface vehicle (USV) that operates individually or in fleets delivering real-time  ocean data for up to a year with no fuel. 

Liquid Robotics recently announced that Wave Gliders have collectively traveled over one million nautical miles at sea. This is an important milestone for both Liquid Robotics and the unmanned systems industry as it affirms the capabilities of unmanned systems for long endurance ocean observation and monitoring. This sets the stage for a new frontier of unmanned ocean systems usage across the commercial, defense, and scientific markets.
(Read the full story in Hydro International.)
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