This year we returned to an in-person event with a new round of the WW Orcelle®, and Neptune Awards, the Broward College Collegiate Innovation Award, and two new awards, the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Award and the Ocean Exchange Collegiate Award focused on decarbonization of shipping. Scroll down to meet our winners!

WW Orcelle® Award

Element Resources (CA/TX, USA): Winner of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Orcelle® Award of $100,000 for containerized, hydrogen-based, carbon-free fuel cells for at-berth (cold ironing) power needs in ports.

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Neptune Award

Virgil Group (DC, USA): Winner of the Neptune Award of $100,000 for SAAS subscriptions to improve seafood traceability through intelligent assessment from the Virgil model to improve seafood supply chain management and regulatory compliance. 

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Ocean Exchange Collegiate Award

WeavAir (Canada): Winner of the Ocean Exchange Collegiate Award of $25,000 for a system for vessel emission monitoring and predictive algorithms for regulatory compliance and operating cost savings.

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Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Award

Ocean Rescue Alliance (FL, USA):  Winner of the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation Award of $10,000 with its coral restoration solution for healthy ocean ecosystems and wave suppression.

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Broward College Innovation Award

E-Wave Technologies (NJ, USA): Winner of the Broward College Innovation Award of $10,000 for wave energy conversion to support offshore aquaculture and other markets.

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Winners Press Release

Thank you to our sponsors!

The Ocean Exchange Team would like to extend our thanks to all our sponsors, including the award sponsors this year, our event sponsors, and all the other organizations which sponsor us throughout the year. We could not do what we do without each and every one of you!

Ecosystem News


Twelve is the reimagined Opus 12. "Twelve refers to the Carbon-12 isotope, the most abundant form of the element that amounts to 98.93% of the carbon on Earth." (source) Twelve was a collegiate finalist at Ocean Exchange in 2015, and returned to win the Neptune Award in 2019.

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Nano Gas™ had shown a 200% increase in oil production at a light oil well.  PCT’s Catholyte Free™ showed a 4,000% better oil cut at Intertek, an independent lab. NanoGas was a 2017 applicant to Ocean Exchange.
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MTS is Hiring!

Marine Technology Society, our partner in the Engaging With the Blue Economy webcast series, is hiring a new Executive Director. 

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Upcoming Events

Please join us December 1st for the next webcast in our series, Engaging With the Blue Economy, discussing medicines and therapeutics from the sea.

In addition to longtime Ocean Exchange Emcee Dain Dunston, we will speak with industry expert Dr. Shirley Pomponi, CEO of Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at FAU. We also welcome innovator Dr. Thomas Manning, Professor of Chemistry at Valdosta State University. Dr. Manning has advised several student teams that have been finalists at Ocean Exchange, most recently a team working on ocean-derived pharmaceuticals.

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