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Roermond, Spring 2016   |   With this Transcargo Newsletter we would like to call your attention to what our company can do for you. Transcargo BV is your partner for international expedition, storage and transhipment and value-added logistics. We are a growing, dynamic company that offers professional and customised services. We operate in the European market and far beyond from our centrally-located offices based in Roermond, Limburg.
Substantial efforts in the warehouse
In 2015, the activities in our warehouse truly took off. All this thanks to our employees on the work floor. With all the recent developments, they had to work extremely hard. The team even increased by a quarter. Without all their tireless efforts we could never have achieved the recent results. We are very grateful for their commitment and enthusiasm and would therefore like to highlight their work in this newsletter.

Below is a picture of the team that has worked hard over the past year (and still continues to do so) to ensure that all work was done smoothly.

Toll in Belgium
As of April 1, Belgium will raise its toll for trucks over 3.5 tonnes. As a result, a fee of up to € 0,20 per kilometre will be required on major motorways. The rate is dependent on the weight of the truck and emission class. We are currently preparing rates that will apply as of April 1. The toll applies to all shipments going to, from or through Belgium.

Trucks will be required to be equipped with an OBU (On Board Unit), meaning that every truck will be registered. It is therefore not possible to avoid the toll by driving solely on secondary roads. The standard penalty for failing to comply with the requirements applicable in Belgium (including the compulsory registration) amounts to one thousands euros.

TLN has requested to postpone the start date because of the many technical problems that are currently still present.
Scheduled service NL <-> FR
As of November 1 2015, Transcargo organizes a daily scheduled service to and from Paris. With this service, we cover all of the Netherlands, parts of the Ruhr area in Germany and Belgian Limburg. In this situation, the strategic location of Transcargo is certainly an advantage. 

Our agent Woehl in La Courneuve (found at organizes further distribution across France. Early experiences are very positive and we hope to establish a similar service in the future to other cities including Lyon.
Kitty: 25 years of service
On February 25, Kitty Hendrikx was employed at Transcargo for 25 years. Of course, this unique milestone couldn’t go unnoticed. On that day she was picked up by a stretched limo for a joyous ride along the Transcargo locations where she used to work. Afterwards we held a party in our offices, at which the entire staff, management and Kitty’s partner were present.
In all these years, Kitty has never reported sick and she has always been 100% committed to the company. She started in the invoicing department and has since worked in the planning department for the last 17 years. In the latter department, her great language skills prove to be very useful. One of Kitty’s specialities is our planning for Greece. Kitty has had good contact with our customers and carriers from day one.


We decided to ask Kitty a few questions for this newsletter.


What is your best memory of your time at Transcargo?  

I have lots of great memories. The highlights were the surprise events for my 20th and 25th anniversary. On both occasions I was completely taken by surprise by my colleagues. The organisation was perfect and I received a lot of nice gifts.

Do you perhaps have any less happy memories? 

There are always good and lesser times. Unfortunately, in 2005 a Greek driver ended up in an accident. I spoke to him that evening, but sadly he passed away the next morning. Terrible.

What is the most difficult aspect of your work?

What I don’t like is when, at the start of the day, you think everything is well organised, but realise in the late afternoon you have to start all over again (due to failure of a car or truck, for example).

Do you have a unique anecdote about Transcargo or a colleague?  

After all these years there are loads! But I have to say, the first years were the most fun. Starting small with only three people and concluding the week with a delicious beer.  Great times!

If you had only three words to describe Transcargo, what would they be?

Flexible, dynamic and young.

How do you see your future at Transcargo? 

Hopefully the same; simply doing my job.

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