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Roermond, Winter 2016

With this Transcargo Newsletter we would like to call your attention to what our company can do for you. Transcargo BV is your partner for international expedition, storage and transhipment and value-added logistics. We are a growing, dynamic company that offers professional and customised services. We operate in the European market and far beyond from our centrally-located offices based in Roermond, Limburg.
Opening of Transcargo France in Lille!
In France, we have seen a growth of 30%, with an increase in shipments of 25% in 2016. To consolidate and further expand our activities between France and other European countries, Transcargo France will open its doors in Lille as of January 1, 2017.

We are convinced that this will allow us to tend to our customers even better. Hélène Decarpentrie is the Responsable d’Agence and will maintain all contacts in France, with complete support from Transcargo in Roermond. The website is currently already online. 
Introducing: Hélène Decarpentrie.
"My name is Hélène Decarpentrie. I am 35 years old, in a relationship and live in Wambrechies in Northern France. I completed an education in the field of international transport and started my career at Geodis Calberson as a sales assistant. Over time, I was promoted to the position of development manager Europe.

After working for Geodis Calberson for seven years, I was ready to take on a new challenge and founded HD INTER, a freight forwarding company focused on international transport and logistics.

I have been working as an entrepreneur for over 3 years now and HD INTER has continued to develop and grow. My current challenge is to continue expanding in collaboration with Transcargo. My goal for Transcargo France is to attract new clients in the French market."
Rush hour in the run up to Christmas.
Everyone has seen the Disney merchandise in toy stores. Commissioned by an American account, Transcargo has been encharged with assembly, packaging activities and arranging transport to various countries in Europe. 

In the past weeks, a large group of motivated (temporary) workers have packed over 100,000 items, which have already been delivered to their destinations.
We have noticed significant growth in the demand for warehouse space.  Transcargo has responded to this demand in good time and has expanded capacity by more than 2,500 m².
Timely and damage free delivery: our score.
Transcargo keeps track of its ‘on time delivery’ and ‘undamaged delivery’ scores.
Two values that are very important to our customers. Regarding delivery reliability, every month we examine the total number of shipments, the number of shipments that were on time and the number of shipments that were not on time. 

Up to and including October 2016, the scores were: 






January       93,10%
February       96,56%
March       95,82%
April       95,70%
May       93,77%
June       95,15%
July       94,80%
August       96,58%
September       94,81%
October       95,79%

On average, this is a score of





Regarding undamaged delivery, every month we examine the number of shipments, the number of undamaged shipments and the number of damaged shipments. 

Up to and including October 2016, the scores were: 






January       100%
February       99,86%
March       99,88%
April       99,48%
May       99,87%
June       99,87%
July       99,52%
August       99,88%
September       99,88%
October       99,63%

On average, this is a score of





Integration of our management systems.
As you are likely aware of, we already announced the launch ofthis project in a previous edition of our newsletter. We have now reached the stage that we can offer our customers the opportunity to electronically send us all shipment data in the foreseeable future. 

This can easily be done through your personal system. Moreover, we provide the ability to import all files into our Transport Management System.
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