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Roermond, Spring 2015   |   With this Transcargo Newsletter we would like to call your attention to what our company can do for you. Transcargo BV is your partner for international expedition, storage and transhipment and value-added logistics. We are a growing, dynamic company that offers professional and customised services. We operate in the European market and far beyond from our centrally-located offices based in Roermond, Limburg.
Start with transports to and from Tunisia
Transcargo takes its first steps on the African continent! We have been approached by a Tunisian agent to set up a collaboration.

Transportations to Tunisia usually concern the transportation of textiles for finishing. The Netherlands and Tunisia work together a great deal in the textile industry. Our country exports fabrics and accessories to Tunisia, where the garment industry is ‘booming’. Subsequently, the clothing manufactured there is returned to the Netherlands. Other goods exported from our country to the North African country, are food products, machinery, and chemical products. In the opposite direction, in addition to textiles, it mainly concerns oil and gas.

When we transport goods to Tunisia, they are transported via the Netherlands and Belgium to Marseille. Only the trailers are loaded onto the ship. When they arrive into the harbor, our Tunisian agent takes over. He manages, amongst others, all custom procedures, further transportation, and contact with local customers. Transcargo is very busy with the determination of the interests of our clients.
Office space for rent
Our office building in the Roerstreek Zuid business park has a spacious, representative office space with a separate entrance for rent. It concerns a space of more than 400 square meters divided over two floors.

The office is finished luxuriously, and equipped with suspended ceilings, in which the lighting and data network cabling are incorporated. The office is also equipped with air-conditioning. Furthermore, there are various conference and meeting rooms, proper restroom facilities, and a cafeteria with a kitchen.

The office space includes a sufficient amount of private parking spots. The property is completely fenced in and has a separate, private entrance. The location is easily accessible, because it is situated close to the A73. Both small and large businesses can be found at the Roerstreek Zuid business park.
Additional information, including more pictures, is available on the site of our realtor:

Transcargo and social media
In addition to LinkedIn, we also have a Transportblog and a Google+ page.
Google+ is the social media channel of Google. It’s similar to Facebook. The big difference lies primarily in the so-called circles.

You create circles so that you can share particular messages with a specific group interested in the topic concerned. For example, consider specific information regarding transportation to and from Germany. In regards to business, being present on Google+ means that you will more easily be found via Google. We regularly post updates regarding (news about) the transportation business. Take a look at: The blog can be found at

We will keep you informed via the blog about the current affairs in the world of transportation.
There are several fixed categories, where we regularly add new topics. Additionally, we will inform you weekly about the international driving bans.
Did you know...
... Transcargo renewed its website? We look forward to hearing your opinion!

... we have noticed an increasing interest in the storage of dangerous goods? Therefore, Jos Sturme is already making an inventory of the possibility of additional ADR- storage space.
To be continued!

... in April, the audit for our ISO 9001-certification will take place? With this certification, we will show that our management system is capable of meeting the demands of clients, the legislation and regulations, and our own requirements. The TÜV will conduct the audit. 
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