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Roermond, Winter 2015  |  With this Transcargo Newsletter we would like to call your attention to what our company can do for you. Transcargo BV is your partner for international expedition, storage and transhipment and value-added logistics. We are a growing, dynamic company that offers professional and customised services. We operate in the European market and far beyond from our centrally-located offices based in Roermond, Limburg.
Trustworthiness is trump
High quality at a low price. That has always been and remains the goal of Transcargo. By welcoming new developments and optimizing our planning, we have been able to limit the effects of increased transportation costs for our clients in the past years as much as possible. In the process, we continued to keep an eye on three values: 
  • Clarity: clear processes that are recorded in the ISO-9001 quality system.
  • Responsibility: not only to our employees and clients, but also in regards to the environment. We have been given the Lean & Green Award for a reason and have demonstrated how we respect the standards of ISO-14001 in our quality system.
  • Trustworthiness: we not only clearly state what we do, but we also follow up on what we state. Therefore, our clients always know what to expect.
Our employees are proud to work at Transcargo and will always offer the best possible service.
Loyal client: Sekisui Alveo

One of our clients who can confirm this is Sekisui Alveo. 

You could even refer to this as a silver anniversary, as Sekisui Alveo has been a loyal client of Transcargo for 25 years. Roy Williams, Head Physical Distribution, will discuss this long-term collaboration in this newsletter.
‘I have been employed by Sekisui Alveo for approximately 12 years now and have closely worked together with Transcargo during that whole time,’ Roy says. ‘This collaboration is very satisfying. First of all, because the work is performed adequately, but equally important is the fact that we get along so well. Transcargo is a family business, which is verynoticeable.

They place high value on quality. But I can also truly value the flexibility with which they solve certain challenges.’ Roy explains this to us with an example: ‘In the past year, between Christmas and the New Year, a client called me who requested all kinds of goods to be delivered impromptu. Within two hours, Transcargo had arranged the trucks to transport the goods. When a situation like this occurs, you have to think outside of the box and simply deal with it. That’s the great thing about Transcargo. And it was mainly possible thanks to the  short lines of communication.’  
Sekisui Alveo develops, produces, and sells high-quality polyolefin foams, mainly in Europe and South America. The company is market leader in Europe. They employ more than 20,000 people globally. Sekisui Alveo has been one of the regular clients of Transcargo in the area of transport and warehousing for more than 25 years.

During the past years, this collaboration has even expanded into many other areas. With the crowning achievement being the construction of the ADR bunker. In 2012, Peter Kehrens, logistics manager at Sekisui Alveo, approached us with the request to develop a solution for the storage of hazardous materials: raw materials used in the production of foam. Since September 2014, the storage facility has been in use and Transcargo transports goods (on call and on a daily basis) from the ADR storage facility to the production site of Sekisui Alveo. This all in addition to the  ‘regular’ work that Transcargo performs for the producer, including the transportation of foam rolls and pallets, raw materials and waste foam, and the storage of raw materials and finished products. Sekisui Alveo and Transcargo intend to continue the collaboration in the coming years and to improve it wherever possible. Transcargo is currently preparing several proposals and concepts for this.
Fixed regular service
Since November 1, Transcargo has established a regular service to Paris. As a result, we cover all of the Netherlands, a portion of the Ruhr region in Germany, and Belgian Limburg. The strategic location of Transcargo is certainly an advantage. Right from its inception, a number of regular clients have benefitted from this regular service. 

As a result of an acquisition promotion conducted by phone, in which we approached more than 400 clients, the client base that uses this service has increased by almost 40 clients. Our agent, Woehl in La Courneuve (, manages the further distribution throughout the whole of France. The first impressions are very positive and we hope to be able to set up a similar service to Lyon (and several other cities) in the near future.
Did you know that ...
  • Transcargo started using its first electrical forklift at the end of November?
  • Transcargo will replace all gas trucks with electric trucks in the near future?
  • The replacement of the gas trucks by electric forklift trucks is happening in the context of Lean and Green?
  • Transcargo has expanded its storage capacity by 1,500 square meters since the end of November 
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