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Roermond, Summer 2015   |   With this Transcargo Newsletter we would like to call your attention to what our company can do for you. Transcargo BV is your partner for international expedition, storage and transhipment and value-added logistics. We are a growing, dynamic company that offers professional and customised services. We operate in the European market and far beyond from our centrally-located offices based in Roermond, Limburg.
Transcargo increasingly active on social media
In our previous newsletter we already mentioned that we post a lot of information on our Google+ page. But have you already taken a look at our blog Through this blog we will inform you about current events in the transportation sector. This blog is updated almost daily with new information.
The blog includes several categories, to which new topics are added regularly. Furthermore, we will inform you every week about international driving restrictions.
Of course, you can also visit our LinkedIn page.

ISO 9001 certification

Transcargo is officially ISO 9001 certified!

We have succeeded in obtaining this certificate with flying colors and received the official document in May.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management. It is used to assess whether an organization is able to meet customer requirements, legislation & regulations and the requirements of the organization itself. An external, independent party (in our case TÜV) determines whether the quality management of the organization meets all requirements.
According to TÜV, Transcargo has demonstrated that it has a documented and implemented quality management system in accordance with NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 with the following field of application “The execution of international freight forwarding operations, storage and transhipment activities.”

Despite the fact that Transcargo has been working in accordance with clearly defined procedures and processes for years, with this certification we are able to increasingly meet the needs and requirements of our customers.

Intermodal transportation
Transcargo charts the possibilities of intermodal transport to and from several countries within Europe.

Intermodal transport provides opportunities for an environmentally friendly alternative for road transport. Furthermore, more weight can be loaded. We speak of intermodal transport when your goods are transported by more than one mode of transport. For example, a combination of road, rail and/or water transport. Please contact our sales department for more information on the possibilities for your loads.
High reliability and very little damage
Transcargo keeps track of its ‘on time delivery’ and ‘undamaged delivery’ reliability. Two values that are very important to our customers.
Regarding liability, every month we examine the total number of shipments, the number of shipments that were on time and the number of shipments that were not on time. 

Until May 2015 the scores were:

January 94,52 %
February 97,84 %
March 95,40 %
April 94,85 %
May 98,00 %
On average, this is score of 95.80%.

Regarding undamaged delivery, every month we examine the number of shipments, the number of undamaged shipments and the number of damaged shipments.

Until May 2015 the scores were:

January 99,70 %
February 100,00 %
March 99,74 %
April 99,86 %
May 100,00 %
On average, this is score of 99,84 %!
Holiday driving restrictions
During the summer months, delays may be caused driving restrictions to several destinations. For more information please visit our website. Here you will find the monthly driving restrictions. Driving restrictions are also weekly posted on You are also free to contact the planning department.
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