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Christmas Message from Mayor Neil Martinson
It’s nearly the end of 2015 and it has been a fantastic year for our Council region and our community.
We have been successful in a number of ways:

  • Our Annual Report which tells the story of Council over the previous year.
  • Town Centre revitalisation project – brings people into the town centre and shop locally.
  • Wastewater re-use project - $1m to reduce our reliance on the River Murray and increase our re-use water footprint.
  • Riverlife – sustained effort in increasing the health and well-being of our community culminated in receiving a Local Government Professionals Awards - Excellence in Community Services award (our second award in the last two years). RiverLife had over 2,200 participates which is over 20% of our community! We even had people as far away as Sydney participate in some of the community events. A highlight of the program was ‘Ladies only Fitness’ which enabled Muslim women to learn to swim for the first time.
  • Financial Sustainability – a highlight was a reduction in debt to less than $1m which given our revenue of $13.4m; is very low. This places Council in a strong position to investigate opportunities such as the feasibility of expanding the Jane Eliza, which if feasible, opens the opportunity for a reliable, sustainable income stream.
  • Long Term Asset Management plan – this was completely reviewed and reformatted and is now used as a model by our Audit Chairperson. Within this there is a strong focus on the renewal or replacement of assets as opposed to building new assets.
  • We have allocated $1.3m to the Resealing of Roads which is responsible asset management.
  • Communications Team has been formed enabling us to proactively engage with the community. Facebook likes have increased 600% enabling us to reach out to an impressive 16% of our community and continues to grow.
  • Renmark Cemetery – a new lawned cemetery which has 528 plots with 35 sealed carparks was completed, ensuring sustainability.  
  • Environmental Sustainability Waste Management – We diverted 11,664 drums from landfill via 10 drum muster collection days.
  • We have created a visually appealing Regional Information Guide for Seniors
  • Many successful events including Rivafest, Australia Day, Harmony Day, National Youth Week and NAIDOC Week. Everyone in the organisation plays their part in delivering successful events for the community.
  • The Library ran an incredible 111 events in 2014-2015. That is an average of nearly one event every two days that the library is open. This is on top of the doubling reservations to 15,000 through the introduction of the One Card system which connects us to other libraries throughout the state.
  • Our Council Region received additional federal funding to boost promotion of our already successful Renmark Rose Festival and even had one of our own Council employees crowned the ‘Renmark Rose Queen’.
This is the time of year that I like to reflect on our achievements from 2015 and look forward to many more successes that lay ahead of us in 2016.
Renmark Paringa Council is committed to a sustainable future and as such continue to search for new and innovative economic development strategies. Council has recently developed an Economical Development Strategy which is now available to view (please see below in the Robust Economy section); we invite your feedback.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable time in the Riverland over the holidays and remember to stay safe on the River and on the roads.
Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year from Renmark Paringa Council!

Installation of Air-Conditioning
at the Renmark Health and Fitness Centre
The installation of brand new Evaporative Air-Conditioning units at the stadium in the Renmark Health and Fitness Centre has been completed and are now in use. Both courts are now serviced by the air-conditioning units which will provide relief to players, officials and spectators participating in sport at the stadium over the Summer months. It comes just in time for the Renmark Junior Local Basketball Grand Finals that will be played this Saturday.
Renmark Paringa Visitor Information Centre Concept Plan
In order to be ready for any funding opportunities which may become available over the next couple of years, Council developed a draft concept plan for a new Visitor Information Centre building.
Public consultation on the draft concept plan was carried out during October and copies of the concept plans were included as part of the Council stall at the Official Opening of Rose Week.
There were 87 submissions received in response to the draft concept, the majority being in favor of the draft concept with only two responses received which were against (one suggested leaving as is and one which suggested moving the Visitor Information Centre to the Civic Centre and using the new proposed building as a Café/Gallery).  

At the December Council meeting, a motion was passed "That Council endorse the Visitor Information Centre concept plans as ready to be used in future funding applications."
Welcome to our new employee, Karlie Rice, Club and Volunteer Development Officer
I am very excited to introduce myself, I am Karlie Rice and I am the Club and Volunteer Development Officer for the Renmark Paringa Council.
I have had a long association with many sporting and community groups over the past 20 years and I am very much looking forward to using my knowledge and skills to work with and support the community groups, clubs and associations within the district.
My role is to provide support and direction to local community groups, clubs and associations to assist them to be well managed, more sustainable and better able to meet their legislative requirements. This will be achieved through the promotion of suitable resources/tools, the provision of training sessions and workshops and by linking clubs with relevant agencies/service providers.
I’m keen to hear from incorporated community groups, clubs and associations in our district to gain a better understanding of the current issues you are facing and identifying ways we can help move you forwards and thrive.
I will be based at the Chaffey Community Centre and working 3.5 days per week. Feel free to drop me an email - or give me a call - 8580 3000.

The winners of the 2016 Renmark Paringa Council Australia Day Awards have been announced by Mayor Neil Martinson.

The Citizen of the Year is Ellen Traeger of Renmark, for 33 years of invaluable service to our community through her involvement in a wide variety of community groups and organisations.

The Young Citizen of the Year is Brayden Jenke of Renmark, for his involvement in a variety of sporting groups, leadership and success in the Lions Youth of the Year.

The Community Event of the Year Award has been won by the South Australian Junior Soccer Association Country Championships which was held in Renmark in August 2015, attracting almost 3000 people.

The winners will be presented with their award at the Renmark Paringa Council Australia Day Celebrations on Tuesday 26 January at the Jarrett Memorial Gardens. A FREE breakfast will be available to the community from 8am-9am, followed by the Official Ceremony and Awards Presentation. There will also be a FREE Jumping Castle for the children to enjoy.
Thank you Volunteers!
On  Thursday 10 December, the Chaffey Community Centre hosted a Christmas lunch to thank all the Council volunteers for their hard work, dedication and commitment over the past 12 months.
Around 20 volunteers from the Visitor Information Centre, the Chaffey Community Centre and the Library joined the Mayor, Elected Members and staff at the informal gathering.  The event also marked the first function run as part of Council’s recently opened Volunteer Hub and provided the opportunity for volunteer to socialise with other volunteers from different Council sites.
Mayor Neil Martinson was full of praise for the outstanding work and contribution made by Council volunteers. He further highlighted that Council would not be able to offer the quality and diversity of services without the fantastic support provided by the volunteers. The Mayor presented each volunteer with a Certificate of Appreciation and a small gift of dried fruit and nuts.
Mayor Martinson also took the opportunity to acknowledge the fantastic work of the many hundreds of community volunteers that helps make the Renmark Paringa district such a vibrant community.

Pictured above are Chaffey Community Centre Volunteers, Liz and Annette, enjoying the Volunteers Luncheon.


Update from the Chaffey Community Centre!
The With Lipstick & Love 'Boxes of Love' project which is aimed at victims of Domestic Violence is back again this year.
Everyone is invited to be part of this fantastic community approach to a National issue. By filling boxes with items which we all take for granted you may bring some support and joy to the recipient who may have left everything behind in order to be safe.
The Chaffey Community Centre is the drop off point for our Council Region and is open from 9am-3pm Monday to Friday. The closing date for this project is Dec 20 2015.
Crafts at the Chaffey Community Centre:
The Chaffey Community Centre (CCC) offers a space for those who wish to develop their craft skills in a social setting. If you would like to learn new skills bring along your crafts to the CCC every Friday at 10am.

Handmade Society:
Are you busy during the week and never get a chance to work on your projects? Would you like to work on your hand made articles and meet new people?
Come to the CCC and bring what ever you might be working on! For example your knitting, sewing, embroidery, quilting and spend a day with like minded people relaxing and stitching.

For more details on these activities please call the Chaffey Community Centre on
8586 5745.
Are you Ready for the Heat this Summer?
Whlist many Australians have firsthand experience of the impact and effects of extreme temperatures, there are many who remain unconvinced that there is actually an issue or that they personally should do anything to prepare.
Indeed, many people would be surprised at recent findings from Macquarie University risk scientist Lucinda Coates and her colleagues that extreme heat has been responsible for over half of all listed natural hazard fatalities in Australia from 1900 to 2011.

Nationally states and territories are responding to the challenge and are examining how to better manage heatwave risks.
In South Australia, the State Emergency Service (SES) plays an important and unique role as Hazard Leader and Control Agency for extreme heat. It partners with a host of government and non-government organisations to improve understanding of risk, increase community resilience and preparedness and minimise impacts during heatwave events.
The SES is responsible for issuing Extreme Heat warnings to the community when pre-determined triggers are met.
Here are some simple things you can do to reduce the impact of extreme heat:
  • Stay Hydrated – you should drink two to three litres of water a day even if you don’t feel thirsty. Avoid “fizzy”, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks and do not take salt tablets (unless instructed to by a doctor)
  • Dress For Summer – lightweight, light coloured clothing reflects heat and sunlight and helps your body maintain a normal temperature
  • Check On Those At Risk – visit at-risk individuals such as the sick and elderly at least twice a day and keep an eye on children. Watch for signs of heat-related illness
  •  Minimise Sun Exposure – keep out of the sun as much as possible. If you must be in the sun, wear a shirt, hat and sunglasses. Also make sure you wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn, which limits the body’s ability to cope with heat
  • Prepare Your Home – Prepare your home early. Service or replace your air conditioner BEFORE you need it. Curtains, awnings and blinds can also help to keep the home cool
  • Make Use Of Air Conditioning – if you don’t have air conditioning, make use of public facilities such as shopping centres, art galleries, cinemas, Library or Chaffey Community Centre or other air-conditioned buildings. Portable fans are also useful in drawing in cool air, or exhausting warm air from a room
  • Remember Your Pets – pets can be particularly vulnerable to the heat. Make sure they have shade and plenty of cool water to last the day
  • Seek Medical Advice If Necessary – for medical advice telephone Healthdirect Australia on 1800 022 222. For immediate medical assistance telephone 000
With global warming resulting in rising temperatures, extreme heat events, resulting in summer heatwaves will become more common and a part of life in Australia.
It is important that we prepare for heatwaves to ensure that we stay safe and well during these times.
What are your priorities for a sustainable future for the Renmark Paringa district?
What are your priorities for a sustainable future for the Renmark Paringa district?
Council has prepared a draft Economic Development Strategy which aims to identify the things Council can either facilitate or advocate for to create the best possible environment for increased economic development for our community and region.
For example, some of the objectives which Council has identified as potential high focus areas within the Strategy are:
  • Promote the area’s Premium Food and Wine
  • Drive demand for local tourism
  • Encourage inward investment
  • Create a healthy, safe and inclusive community
  • Create an Industrial and Transport Hub
  • Investigate feasibility, and explore options where feasible, of expanding Council’s Residential Waterfront Development.
Council is interested to hear your views on the draft Strategy.
Feedback on the draft will be considered as part of assisting Council to identify the priorities which are important to industry, business owners and the community.
Copies of the strategy are available on Council’s website ( and can also be viewed at the Community and Civic Centre, the Renmark Public Library, the Chaffey Community Centre and the Visitor Information Centre.
Comments close on 22 December 2015, click here to view the draft strategy and for more information on how to comment.

Rivafest - Tickets on sale now!

A Rivafest Poem!
"Lemonade, Cider and Amazon Ale
Today’s the day tickets go on sale,
Up to you what you have in your cup
But get your tickets now before they go up”

Pre-sale tickets $15 available from Adelaide Fringe Festival box offices, online or call 1300 621 255. If you are in Renmark visit the Renmark Paringa Visitor Information Centre on Murray Avenue or call on 1300 661 704.

An exciting new way to see the Riverland is being launched this Summer, Monday December 14 through until the end of January.

From Dirt to the Dish, taste the best the Riverland has to offer. Travel in an air-conditioned bus you’ll get to meet the grower(s), the brewer and the winemaker behind this great produce.

Tours depart every Monday-Wednesday-Friday (except Public Holidays)

  • Departing Renmark Visitor Information Centre 9.00am
  • Big 4 Caravan Park 9.10am
  • Riverbend Caravan Park 9.20am
  • Tour concludes at 2.45pm

Simply go to the Flavour Safari Facebook page or call the Renmark Visitor Information Centre on
08 8586 6704. Enquiries can also be made to the Woolshed Brewery 08 8595 8188.

The Australian Government has launched the National Innovation and Science Agenda which is a comprehensive suite of over 20 new initiatives to help Australia prosper by embracing new ideas through innovation and science. The Government will invest more than a $1 billion to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, reward risk-taking, and promote science, maths and computing in schools.
The Agenda focuses on four themes:
1. Taking the leap: backing our entrepreneurs by opening up new sources of finance, embracing risk, taking on innovative ideas, and making more of our public research.
2. Working together: increasing collaboration between industry and researchers to find solutions to real world problems and to create jobs and growth.
3. Best and brightest: developing and attracting world-class talent for the jobs of the future.
4. Leading by example:  Government embracing innovation and agility in the way we do business.

Businesses wanting to know more should contact Callena Rawlings, AusIndustry Regional Manager, Southern SA or visit

Callena Rawlings, Regional Manager, Southern SA
AusIndustry - Business Services
Phone: +61 08 8723 1057
Mobile: 0429 095 973
Fight the Bite!
Summer is nearly here! Summer is a time for holidaying, being outside and by the river – but it also means it’s time for mosquitoes to breed and bite!
We all know mosquitoes can be a nuisance, but some can spread serious diseases – it’s up to you to ‘Fight the Bite’ and protect yourself and your family from mosquito-borne disease.
For more information please follow this link to Council’s Environmental Health page on our website.
Notice of Roadworks at Airport Road
Renmark Paringa Council are currently undertaking works to widen a section of Airport Road in Renmark. Once the works are complete, they will allow B Double Trucks to safely travel on this section of the road as well as encouraging industry to the area. At completion of the works, the sealed road will be 8 metres wide. It does require the removal of approximately 75 eucalyptus trees, however Council are investigating options to re-plant more trees in an alternative location.  If you would like to know more, please contact Council's Manager of Infrastructure, Geoff Meaney, on 8580 3000.
The School Holiday Program for December/January is packed full of lots of fun and exciting activities and events to keep the children entertained over the 7 week holiday period. Download a copy of the program here or pick up a copy from the Civic Centre, Chaffey Community Centre, Library or Visitor Information Centre. We would like to thank all of the businesses and organisations who have contributed information to the school holiday program.
Council have organised 3 activities for children to enjoy during the School Holidays.  Please check the flyers for detailed information about each activity, including cost and how to book.  Parent/Carer Supervision is required at all sessions.

A Puppet Show and Puppet Manipulation & Performance Workshops will be held at the McCormick Centre for the Environment on Thursday 14 January. Entry to the show is FREE, with the 2 workshops $5 each. For more information and to find out how to book click here

SciWorld are back with some new and exciting workshops to take part in - Archaeology, Paleontology and Have a Summer Holiday Party. To be held at the McCormick Centre for the Environment on Thursday 21 January, with 3 different workshops on offer, all $5 per person. Click here to find out more and how to book.

Get along to the Renmark Swimming Centre on Thursday 28 January and enjoy FREE rides on the water slide between 1.30-4.30pm! Regular entry fees to the pool apply. For more information click here
School Holiday Activities at the Renmark Paringa Public Library
All who enter will receive a summer reading club pack with activities and goodies! For more information call the Library on  8586 5544 or pop in and check it out for yourself.
Don't miss out on the visit from Cool 4 Kids who will be presenting their "Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!" music show at 2pm on Friday 22 January at the Library. Join with Tony and Aussie Cool Bear in singing Aussie songs and show us your dance moves!  This session is free to attend, and is proudly brought to you by Renmark Paringa Council.

School Holiday Activities at the Chaffey Community Centre!
As always thank you to everyone for all your incredible hard work in organising all these wonderful events, activities and ideas; it makes our community a vibrant place to be!

Renmark Paringa Council is committed to an inclusive and informed community.

For more information please go to the Renmark Paringa Council Website and look at ‘Latest News’.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!

Kind Regards,

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