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  3. The Kauffman Policy Blog

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

What is a Mindset?

"A Mindset is a mental model, a deeply ingrained set of beliefs and assumptions that influence our decisions and behavior." 

The Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative, 'ELI' "creates experiential educational programs to foster the entrepreneurial mindset. "Not everyone needs to start a business to benefit from an entrepreneurial mindset. Entrepreneurial thinking can be applied to a variety of circumstances from non-profit and social ventures to workforce development and educational success." 

This week, entrepreneur and mentor, Candy Maxwell, the Innovation Collaborative's Beth Zimmer, and Mercyhurst University's Director of Community Engagement & Founder of SparkTank, Colin Hurley, are at the Kauffman Foundation acquiring Certification to facilitate The Ice House Entrepreneurship program. The program is experiential and problem-based, and is designed to inspire, inform, and involve participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset. 

The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is currently being deployed throughout the world through schools, colleges, community centers, workforce development resources, libraries, and several other institutions that are committed to solving problems and serving to their fullest potential. Candy, Beth, and Colin will be bringing the program back home. Stay tuned for more information! 

Kauffman Policy Blog

The Kauffman Foundation's Policy Blog delivers thoughtful articles about entrepreneurship and innovation policy. Some of our recent favorites include: 

Latest Quickstarter Supported Projects


There are now four live Kickstarter campaigns supported by Mercyhurst's Quickstarter program. We recommend checking these out and supporting if possible! All campaigns have reached their goals! Unearth | Gunboat Schooner Porcupine | High Speed Rail | SleepPhones Effortless

"The goal is to take students who have skills and connect them with a campaign who needs skills to increase the success of the campaign." -Kris Wheaton, Founder 

Have a Happy Halloween!!

Accelerator Cycle #4


Gannon University's Accelerator program will be selecting a winner during the first week of November! Gannon's Accelerator program is operated by the Erie Technology Incubator, which provides coaching, business development, workshops, market research, and more to entrepreneurs looking to launch and grow their business. 

Disrupt Erie Voting


Public voting will close October 30th, followed by Innovation Collaborative Board + Thom Ruhe voting in mid November. If you haven't done so already, vote for your favorite local founders, entrepreneurs, startups, and support organizations now

eMarketing Learning Center


The eMarketing Learning Center is a great resource for all things digital marketing. November has a handful of classes on the books including courses on Search Engine Optimization and Google Analytics. 

Thank You To Disrupt Erie Sponsors!

The Inaugural Disrupt Erie Awards are shaping up to be a huge success. After receiving fantastic nominations and thousands of votes, we realize that Erie is seriously engaged in support of building a strong entrepreneurial culture. 

We look forward to seeing you at the party! If you've not reserved your tickets yet, please do before they run out! (Reserve Your Tickets Now!)

Big "THANK YOU!!" to Signature Sponsor, HERO BX, and to all of the Sponsors! Through your support, you are leading the way to ensure our transition to a thriving environment for startups and entrepreneurial support! Without you, this would not be possible ... 

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