WYBC Yale Radio Newsletter
Spring 2015
Dear WYBC Alumni, 

Welcome to our inaugural semesterly newsletter! We hope you'll enjoy browsing through this little update/introduction.
As you know, the station has gone through many transformations since its founding in 1941 under the name WOCD (for Oldest College Daily). Now 200+ members strong, WYBC has experienced something of a “Radio Renaissance" in recent years. Please peruse this newsletter to your heart’s content to see just what we're all up to (in no particular order)!

Through our alumni outreach initiative, comprised of these biannual newsletters and the Annual Alumni Celebration, we hope to allow you to reconnect or remain connected with each other, and to create the kind of lasting radio community we'll want in the very near future. We have all found (or are finding) a little bit of ourselves through WYBC — whether the station was in the YDN building, Hendrie Hall, or at 142 Temple Street — and there's no reason that the radio experience should end with graduation. 

Click on any image to enlarge, and, as always, do not hesitate to get in touch

With every kind of radio love, 

Your 2015 WYBC General Board
We had such a great time with you at the very first WYBC Annual Alumni Celebration (affectionally nicknamed the WAAC) in September! If you missed it, you can check out pictures by clicking here. Keep an eye out for our invitation to the next celebration this fall.

The goal of the event is to ensure that the wonderful WYBC community stays strong long after graduation, and to express our gratitude to all the people who over the years made this organization what it is today. We hope to see you at the next one!
Sports Highlights
This year, we travelled as far as Cornell for football broadcasting and covered weekly press conferences with the head coach and players. When Harvard-Yale came around, we not only broadcasted the game, but also held a midweek roundtable discussion and interviewed fans at the tailgate.
Teaming up with WYBC alumnus Konrad Coutinho (TD '13), we broadcasted ice hockey, and Yale won for the second year in a row (bow wow wow!). We also covered the first three rounds of Yale's run to the final of the Tournament, a non-conference road game at Vanderbilt, and an alumni-student conversation about our win at Columbia.
New Eboard

We are happy to introduce our exceedingly awesome new Executive Board! Left to right:

Kevin Su
MC 2016

Office Manager:
Nick Henriquez 
BR 2016

General Manager:
Jeff Zhang
MC 2016

Station Manager:
Tim Follo
MC 2016

Programming Director:
Chris Cappello
SM 2017

Their goals for this year include updating the website and spending more time at the station together as an organization.

Please feel free to get in touch with Jeff at with any questions or suggestions!
Brooklyn-based band Wet was the headliner this year at Ante-Fling, our annual "big event," a free concert series organized entirely by radio members. It originated as an attempt to bring acts to Yale that are typically overlooked during Spring Fling, and has grown into a major event attended by music lovers across the student body. For more information, visit:
94.3 Is Still #1
Though students now broadcast online, we still share a space with the amazing people at 94.3, the WYBC FM station (Juan, Banesha, and Wanda) and remain dear friends. Juan has recently begun giving a talk during training that wonderfully straddles motivational speech and tips on mic breaks, always leaving new members laughing and wiser.

For five years running, 94.3, which specializes in hip hop and R&B, has been the number one station in New Haven, an unprecedented achievement. In 2014, they were involved in 24 live concerts, which is a record in the radio market. Recently, they were featured in the New Haven Register for Black History Month. We are so proud to be connected to such a wonderful station!
Battle of the Bands is our second-most popular event of the year, after Ante-Fling. It gives student bands an opportunity to play before a large audience, and, since it occurs during Bulldog Days, gives prefrosh an taste of WYBC. Members and members-to-be always have a great time!
Radio Zine

Our award-winning publication has been spotted at a coffee shop in Canada and is on the verge of going even further. Though relatively young, the zine ensures that Yale students and beyond are getting the best music and culture articles available, both online and in print. It boasts truly stellar journalism, and beautiful design by students at Yale's Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. 

Want a printed copy? Send Eden an email with your address!
A few WYBC alumni (2014) are producing EARSHOT, an awesome audio play heavily influenced by their time at WYBC.For more information, or to support fellow WYBC-ers, check out their Kickstarter or Facebook page
Call for Stories!
We've really enjoyed getting to know you — at the WAAC, during our call-a-thons, or via email — and we think your fellow alumni would enjoy hearing your radio-related stories as much as we have. So, we've decided to include an alumni story or two in the newsletters, starting with the next newsletter. 

Please send any story you have to Eden, a couple sentences to a page in length, and we'll try to include it in a future newsletter. If you'd be willing to include a story you've already sent us in a future letter, let us know!

For now, enjoy the original Yale radio jingle, that we learned from a lovely conversation with Blake Flint, class of 1943 (the station's first Business Manager):
Lend an ear, lend an ear! 
The voice of Yale is here!
It’s everything from Bach
     to jive,
It’s on your dial at 9:05. 
Yale’s own station WOCD
Though our organization has become involved in many music-and-culture-related aspects of Yale, on-air content is still our lifeblood. We are proud to have been among the first college radio organizations to move our programming online, where it can be more easily accessed by current Yale students, friends, and family from anywhere in the world.

You can tune in anytime! Just go to
You might hear sports programming, news, experimental shows, or just about any kind of music you can imagine. Click here for a PDF of this semester's show schedule.
Featured Shows

All our shows are amazing and revolutionary, but here are a few we thought might be of special interest, as compiled by Chris Cappello, our Programming Director and Zine EIC:
Greg's Collection (Meg Pritchard and Ruby Bilger, Sundays at 9PM): Greg's Collection has a really simple but kind of ingenious concept. One day, Meg and Ruby bought a collection of CDs from a guy named Greg on Craigslist, and, armed with the adage that you can learn a lot about someone from their music collection, set out each week to chart some aspect of Greg's mysterious life by playing a few of his CDs. Meg and Ruby's gleeful rapport makes their semi-fictionalized narrative of Greg's life-through-music even more enjoyable than the zany concept would be on its own.
Pillow Talk (Dan Friedman and Scott Weady, Wednesdays at 7PM): Pillow Talk is a show about sleep. Dan and Scott are a lovely pair of hosts -- their banter, while certainly 'subdued' or perhaps 'low key', is rich with personality and insights into the mythos of sleep (of which we all need more, these days). Their playlists are also impeccable, although not everything that they feature will serve as a good 'soundtrack' for your next 7PM post-dinner nap. 

I've Got One After This (Zack Sekoff and Pablo Uribe, Thursdays at midnight). The concept for this show is that each song that one DJ plays must be previously unheard by the other, or by both of them. I like this show because it has one of the most solid, eclectic playlists that have graced the digital airwaves of WYBCx for some time. On last week's broadcast, I heard Ella & Louis, Omarion, and Sufjan Stevens within, like, a 20-minute timespan, which is a combination I never even realized that I wanted. 
Thomas Rokholt (SM '14) and Steven Zwick (PC '14) made sure we were listening to the best music in all of Cambridge at the WYBC Tailgate before the Harvard-Yale Game. We were especially grateful because dancing was the only way to stay warm! Yale may have lost the game, but WYBC definitely won the tailgate. 
Collaboration with the YUAG
This year, thanks to an opportunity posted by Nick Henriquez, our Office Manager, Alina Aksiyote and Chloe Lizotte created amazing playlists to accompany the perusal of the Yale University Art Gallery's modern collection. Content ranged from dance music, to poems, to news announcements, and, in relation to the visual art, was sometimes upsetting, sometimes funny, and always extremely moving and thought-provoking. Whether you're visiting the YUAG or not, check out the podcast here

We always try to collaborate as much as possible with other groups, both Yale-affiliated and non-Yale affiliated, to spread the creative work that is at the core of WYBC. 
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