DWKL Variations now Available
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Cut mineral fiber means perfectly concentric DWKL.
Cut mineral fiber spacers.
DWKL-Vt 90 and 45-degree elbows waiting to ship.

DWKL Variations Boost Your Profits!

*New*  DWKL-Vt, DWKL-Lt, and DWKL-Rx

DWKL-Vt  Special Gas Vent has 0.020" thick inner and mineral fiber insulation.  We may also add the UL-103 Label.  4" thru 14" in stock.  0.020" inner and cut mineral fiber means the easiest ever to install DWKL.

DWKL-Lt  Light version of all-in-one ceramic fiber insulated with 0.020" inner.

DWKL-Rx  has the 0.035" inner with Roxul cut mineral fiber insulation, only Vents and UL-103

In VB this week.  Quoting now.  UL Labels next week.

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