Jeremias TIG Welding
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Stitch weld on stainless FAR
A 45T shipping out today.
Closeup view of the weld on that 45T.

Why does Jeremias TIG (vs MIG) Weld?

TIG provides Cleaner, Precision, and Autogenous Welds.

All other American commercial stack manufacturers use MIG Welding on their fittings and accessories.  The advantages of MIG Welding are Quickness, Easy (less weld experience), and Cost Less.

At Jeremias we are mostly concerned about the disadvantages of MIG which are Reliability and Dirtiness (sparks, fumes, smoke).  OK for others but we choose not to MIG.

We also now cleaning all our external welds.  Better weld quality and craftsmanship is the Jeremias way!

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