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31/10/ 2016


We're been changing our newsletter routine a bit - you may have noticed. We'll try to make it shorter, but weekly - and each week we'll report on what's in the vegiebag and the shop. So here goes - this week:
  • What's in the vegiebag this week?
  • What's in the shop?
  • We've learnt to make soap!

Apples  -
from Fankhauser Apples, Drouin. These have been in cool storage as fresh apples are not available at this time of year. As soon as they are, we will give them preference.
Asparagus - from Cafresco Organics, Kooweerup
Broccoli - some from Cafresco Organics, some from Bob Canizzo at Mirboo North
Cabbages - also from either Cafresco Organics or Bob Canizzo.
Leeks - from Jjaras, Inverloch
Lemons or other citrus - a number of local gardeners are contributing citrus, although table citrus - oranges, tangelos, mandarins - are almost finished for this year
Lettuces - from Jjaras, Inverloch
Mushrooms - from Gippsland Mushrooms, Dalyston
Potatoes - from either Gordon Jones, Ellinbank, or Lindsay Hotchkins, Thorpdale
Pumpkin - from Cafresco Organics, Kooweerup
Silver beet or chard - from Jjaras, or Meredith Freeman, Kardella
Snow peas - from Alan Enbom, Leongatha South
  • All of the above, plus rhubarb, shallots, and limited quantities of loquats, strawberries, and avocadoes.
  • Macadamias and walnuts in the shell
  • Honey from Fishers Farm Produce
  • Bulk olive oil from Mount of Olives, Fish Creek
  • Also lots of different leafy greens and fresh herbs, including miners lettuce warrigal greens
  • We now stock bread from all of Manna Gum Cottage (gluten free), FRIDAY, Ruby Red Farm, FRIDAY, and Oak and Swan, SATURDAY
  • Cheese from Prom Country Cheese, plus haloumi from Bass River Dairies
  • Milk and cream from Bass River Dairies
  • plus lots of preserves and nut butters
Soap Making at the Grow Lightly Hub
Our second last Grow Lightly workshop for 2016 was one I have been anticipating for a long time.
On 26 October Janine Lynch gave us the pleasure of sharing her expertise, teaching us the basic tips and tricks of how to make a safe and easy batch of soap. Janine has been making soap for sixteen years, and can whip up a batch in half an hour at home.
Janine explained the science behind soapification, and the do's and don’ts of safely using sodium hydroxide. We learned about the online soap calculator and the many thousands of recipes out there.
We all watched while Janine demonstrated, making the first batch with her favourite recipe; then we split into small groups to make batches of our own. Janine provided some lovely essential oils and mineral colours to make our soaps look and smell very attractive.
She also explained the most efficient methods for curing and storing soap and equipment.
Once the soap was in its moulds we sat down for a cuppa and a chat.  We might have neglected to do the dishes first, Oops! It was great to connect with more of the Grow Lightly customers and followers.
I can’t wait to make my first batch of lovely clean and cost effective soap at home.  Thanks Janine, and everyone for a great educational, fun night.

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