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 No.1 September 2014

Hello to all the Grow Lightly ‘family’.

If you take a weekly Grow Lightly vegie bag, or grow some of the ‘fresh, clean, local’ produce it’s filled with, or help with rosters or generally support Grow Lightly – you're on our email list for this quick up-date on the latest news. (If you would prefer to remove your name from the list, use the 'unsubscribe' button at the end of the newsletter.) Details are further down but here are some key points:
  • The Grow Lightly Food Hub in Korumburra is about to open, providing a wonderful new centre for all sorts of Gippsland food projects.
  • Grow Lightly is developing a range of food-based partnerships right across Gippsland, to benefit local people.
  • Michael's IGA is supporting Grow Lightly through their Community Rewards program – please give us your ‘points’ when you shop at IGA!
  • Grow Lightly’s  goals have been revised to set out more clearly our community involvement.
  • Our AGM is coming up – hope you can be there!
  • Our website, has some useful information – plus some fun graphics!
  • We hope you enjoy reading our new Grow Lightly newsletter
Kind regards,
Meredith, Gil, Gina and Deborah
Grow Lightly Connect.

About Grow Lightly....

What we do: ‘Grow Lightly’ has been bringing fresh, clean, local food to South Gippslanders for close to ten years now. A non-profit community organisation, Grow Lightly Connect supplies local people with fruit and vegies from local growers who follow sustainable and organic growing practices.
How we do it: People buy weekly or fortnightly bags filled with local produce. These are packed by volunteers early on Sunday mornings at Coal Creek Heritage Village in Korumburra, and then distributed by more volunteers to pick-up centres around southern Gippsland and around the Bass coast. There are now nearly a hundred people on our customer list, although not everyone takes a weekly bag; and eight pick-up points.
Why we do it: Grow Lightly started as a very small venture to use up surplus garden produce in Bena and Kardella. It has steadily expanded, and is actively supported by local growers and customers, because it meets  an important need – for fresh, clean, local food that’s eaten where it’s grown, and not transported hundreds (or even thousands) of miles across the world before you buy it.
Our growers: Some growers are full-time market gardeners and horticulturalists, but many are small-scale or backyard growers who have surplus fruit and vegetables from time to time. All growers are asked to comply with a Charter that sets out our collective commitment to sustainable, organic agriculture.

Our goals

These are set out in the Constitution and Rules of Grow Lightly Connect Ltd, a not-for-profit company.

3.1 Grow Lightly Connect has a commitment to sustainable use of resources and the building of a resilient local community. In particular, GLC seeks to encourage local food production and distribution using organic methods and sustainable agricultural techniques – in other words, to help South Gippsland feed South Gippsland.

3.2. In order to do this, Grow Lightly Connect will provide services and assistance to consumers, growers and distributors of organic vegetables and fruit in South Gippsland.
  1. For all consumers, including low-income households, GLC aims to improve access to foods of high nutritional value, grown locally according to organic principles; and to provide information on storing and cooking these foods.
  2. For growers - including small-scale and backyard growers - GLC aims to provide an outlet for fruit and vegetables grown according to organic principles; and to provide ongoing education on ways to improve soil health, biological activity and soil fertility.
  3. GLC aims to provide a range of services for consumers and growers, including packing and distributing weekly vegie bags; running workshops and events; facilitating communications between food consumers, growers and distributors; providing ‘know-how’ to community groups wishing to set up local food distribution schemes; and operating a central ‘food hub’ at Coal Creek, Korumburra.
  4. GLC aims to extend the range of locally grown foods available in South Gippsland, particularly those grown from open-pollinated seed; and to share knowledge about food plant varieties which grow well in South Gippsland, including native Australian food plants.
3.3 Where possible, GLC will work in cooperation with local educational institutions, community groups, organisations and businesses towards the achievement of these goals.

Grow Lightly and friends...

Grow Lightly has for many years worked closely with the South Gippsland Shire Council, particularly the Council’s Sustainability Unit.
We have strong links with the Coal Creek Heritage Park – we’re currently based at the park’s Sustainability Centre, formerly the old Cordial Factory. Grow Lightly also runs a stall at the Coal Creek Farmers Market, every second Saturday in the month.
Recently Grow Lightly has been strengthening its links with other organisations that work to give low-income families better access to nutritious food; with educational groups; and with groups working to strengthen sustainable food networks. One of these is the Open Food Network, which is developing an on-line marketplace for farm produce – check out their website, www.openfoodnetwork.or

Michael’s Community Reward Scheme – please give us your points!

If you shop in Leongatha or Korumburra, you can support Grow Lightly by donating your ‘community rewards’ points from Michael’s Supa IGA supermarkets to Grow Lightly.
Since 2001 Michael's Supa IGA have run one of the largest community donations programs in South Gippsland, and have so far distributed more than $1.2 million to local community groups. Grow Lightly Connect was accepted into this scheme in June this year, and has already received some money to put towards the cool room in the new Food Hub at Korumburra.
Please help us by shopping at Michael’s IGA and using the keytag scheme to support Grow Lightly.
  • If you don’t have a keytag, just ask for one at Michael’s IGA and nominate ‘Grow Lightly Connect’ as the community organisation you want to support. Then just get the keytag scanned every time you shop.
  • If you already have a Community Rewards keytag, you can transfer your points to Grow Lightly by logging on at their website - (Tip - your 'user ID' is the 13-digit number on your keytag. Your 'password' is a 4-digit number which may be hand-written on the keytag.)
  • OR, to change to Grow Lightly, you can just use the form below - print it off and hand it in.
Thanks so much - your support is really important to Grow Lightly!

The Web and Social Media

It’s worth checking out the website, Apart from the charming graphics, the website helps people see how the Grow Lightly system works, and keep in touch with the latest developments. You can also follow us on Facebook, at is a Text Block. Use this to provide text...
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