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4/12/ 2016

  • In the vegiebag this week
  • About the shop
  • Coal Creek Farmers Market 
  • Holiday arrangements, another reminder

These will be firm when they arrive at your house, but rest assured they will ripen.
Broad beans  
Fennel I like this fresh in salads - especially good with orange - but you can cook it too. Similar texture to celery, though the flavour is radically different. You can use the feathery tops as a fresh herb.
(shelling peas this week)
Salad onions
(use the green tops as well as the bulb)
First, as it's high broad bean season, here is a broad bean recipe from Jo McLeay.
 Bigilla (Broad bean dip)
1.25 kg broad beans (when double podded about 300g)
3 cloves garlic, minced
olive oil as much as needed for preferred texture
Double pod the broad beans. Cook the minced garlic in olive oil for a few minutes. Add the broad beans and some water. Cook gently until the beans are soft. Mash with a fork or potato masher. Add more oil and salt and pepper to taste. Use as a dip with carrot sticks or biscuits or as a spread on bread.
Second, some NEWS
While Grow Lightly's first priority is fresh fruit and vegetables we are also very anxious to help with distribution of local value-added food, a good range of which we have in our shop.
From the end of this week we'll also be stocking a providore in the foyer of the Coal Creek Heritage Park. There'll be many of the same things but there'll be some great extras - such as glorious Prom Coast Icecream in dixie cups, and Hazeldean Orchard's certified organic apple juice. 
Open seven days a week.
Do drop by! 
Around 11 this Saturday, Peter came into the Hub to pick up some more supplies for the Koonwarra farmers market. Cabbages, asparagus, potatoes and beetroot. The market started at 8 with lots of people buying right from the start.
This asparagus came from Cafresco Organics at Kooweerup, and is certified organic. However, these are 'seconds', which means the size might be a bit uneven, the spears are maybe not perfectly straight, and Grow Lightly does the bunching. 
Still tastes perfectly fresh and gorgeous; and that's how we keep our prices down.
And yet more news!
This Saturday you'll be able to find Grow Lightly in the middle of Coal Creek market, as well as at the top end. We'll have a simple stall featuring fruit and vegies that are in good supply at present, such as peas, lettuces and asparagus. 
Advance notice of holiday arrangements
Grow Lightly will open as usual, and pack vegiebags as usual, on the weekend of the 16-18 December. Then we will close for our annual two-week break, opening again and packing vegiebags again on the weekend of the 6-8 January. That will also be the weekend of the first Koonwarra Market for the New Year.
All our wonderful volunteers will be able to spend Christmas and New Year with their families and friends, and we'll all come back with renewed energy and lots of summer vegies.

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