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May 17, 2019

  • Vale Margaret Rees
  • Featured in the Green Grocer
  • Ordering a vegie bag online
  • In your vegie bags this week
  • Autumn recipe
  • Spotlight on our growers and makers
  • Cooking class - curries
  • What to do to nurture your fruit trees
  • Can you help?
  • What's happening this week
Vale Margaret Rees.
A tribute
Margaret, mother of Diana, and a much loved and honoured friend of Grow Lightly, died on April 16, 2019. She was an accomplished and interesting person and joined in with lots of Grow Lightly activities.

‘You need a banner.’ We agreed – Grow Lightly did need a banner; but we had no idea how we would find one that was appropriate.
A week or so later Margaret came back with backing for a banner and several vegetables made from material sourced at the op shop. She arranged them on the backing and then pointed. ‘What’s that? What’s that?’ If we couldn’t answer immediately and confidently, Margaret removed the offending item muttering about replacing it with a better one.
The end result hung proudly on the back wall of the Food Hub, greeting people as they came in, until Grow Lightly moved to Commercial Street. Now it’s there, on the side wall, echoing the colour and texture of the produce on sale and making a bold and creative statement about who we are, and what we’re on about. It’s been joined by the flag which hangs outside the door when the shop is open, inviting people to come in and delight all their senses in appreciation of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Margaret helped make Grow Lightly what it is. She patronised our shop, worked as a volunteer, came to Grow Lightly watercolour classes. She valued and passed on her enthusiasm for everything natural, organic, beautiful, community-based. She came with three additional generations of her family, all of whom in different ways have become part of Grow Lightly. She told us exactly what she thought.
This is what we think: we miss you terribly, Margaret, but you’re still here with us. Thank you for all you have done and all you still do. Meredith Freeman

I didn't have a long association with Margaret but in the short time I knew her she made her mark in my life. She was a wonderfully creative person who seemed to have a handle on so many crafts. She made many things for her great grand children.  She was a wonderful seamstress. I witnessed a white rabbit that she repaired for Stella and of course the wall hanging that she created for the Grow Lightly shop.
But her talents reached into so many areas not the least of which were intellectual.  She was very well read and had a very sharp mind right up till  the end of her life.  She was a Shakespearian  scholar and an active member of U3A.
I remember the last conversation I had with Margaret when Diana was taking her to that life defining medical appointment and they stopped at the hub en route . She was professionally an Occupational Therapist and I was describing to her a slanting board I had constructed and the difficulties I encountered.  She understood exactly what I was saying about the methods I had used to overcome the problem, and the explanation was far from straight forward.
She was very involved in living and I appreciated her spirit and her being.
Vale Margaret . I shall miss you but I do have some violets growing in my garden to remind me of you. Lorraine Finch

I remember the time she came to book club and having been asked to bring a book to share, brought her own lovingly complied family recipe book replete with the history of her family. What an inspired choice! Jo McLeay
The thing that I loved about Margaret was her way of speaking. She had a great vocabulary,and was so well read,it was a joy to listen to her speak. Lois Blake

Featured in the Green Grocer


In season and in our shop and vegie bags this week are a beautiful gem of a fruit called feijoas.  They are often thought to be native to New Zealand, but in fact they originate from South America.  They are also called pineapple guava, although their flavour and aroma is something entirely unique.  To eat them, simply cut in half and scoop out the firm flesh inside with a spoon.  Besides enjoying fresh, the flesh can be used in cakes, stewed and served with icecream or made into feijoa jam.  Or add to a salad to give it some zing!
We stock 2 distinct sizes of feijoas.  The smaller fruit grows on seedling trees, whilst there are new grafted trees with names like Apollo and Mammoth that produce egg sized fruit.  I can’t taste any difference between them myself.
Feijoas are a great source of Vitamin C, B6, fibre and essential minerals like phosphorus and magnesium, all useful at this time of year when our immune systems can use a boost.

Thanks to Kirsten Bradley for the photos


Tamarillos are an amazing fruit that you don't see in shops just anywhere. The flavour is somewhere between kiwifruit and passionfruit. The flesh is generally sweet but the thick skin is where the bitter flavour comes from.  The tamarillo is rich in vitamins, A, B6, C, E, fibre and antioxidants. To eat you may like to sprinkle the tamarillo with sugar, then eat the tamarillo fruit directly out of the peel, using a spoon much like a kiwifruit.
Use tamarillos in desserts, jams, sauces and of course, fresh in a fruit salad. Come in and get yours while they're in season.

Save time and eat healthily and seaonally

It's super easy and convenient for busy families and so good for everyone.

The bags cost $28 each and are a mix of fruit, vegetables and nuts that are in season. They are available for order via the Open Food Network. Our online shop is now open and 'ready for business'. The address is:
If you have any queries or concerns regarding our ordering process please ring Becky on 0490 449 229.

This is some of what may be in your vegie bags this week:

  • potatoes
  • apples
  • feijoas
  • brown and red onions
  • capsicum or eggplant
  • broccoli
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • lemons
  • garlic
  • beetroot or carrot
  • cabbage



Simple Roasted Vegetables

This is my new favourite recipe and you can use any vegies you happen to have. I never thought I would roast cabbage but now I have and I'm a convert!

1 wedge cabbage
beetroot or carrot
capsicum or eggplant
onion (any colour)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
salt to taste
A few extra drops of oil to grease the baking tray


Heat the oven to 220 degrees.
Lightly grease a large baking tray with a few drops of oil.
Prepare the vegies. Chop the broccoli into florets, and the capsicum and peeled onion into large-ish chunks. Chop the potato and other root vegies into chunks. Peel the garlic and chop each clove in half or in thirds. As you chop the veggies, place them in a large mixing bowl.
Add the olive oil and salt and toss everything together.
Spread the vegies out evenly on the baking tray.
Roast for about 10 minutes, then take them out and stir them around.
Return them to the oven for another 10-12 minutes.
Serve the vegies right away while they’re piping hot.

Recipe adapted from the My Natural Family website.


Hocus Crocus Saffron

A love of bright purple flowers and a sense of intrigue was what drew Sandra Pietrolungo in to growing saffron. And you can meet this remarkable grower (aka Saffy) on Wednesdays when she is working at the Grow Lightly Green Grocer. To grow and harvest saffron takes patience as everything must be done by hand. It is because of this that it has earned the reputation as the most expensive spice in the world, and it is because of Sandra that Grow Lightly is able to sell this beautiful product.

Image credit: (ABC: Amelia Bernasconi)
Check out this informative article from the ABC for more information

Just a heads up about our next cooking class - Curries.

What are the benefits of a good curry? As well as being delicious and beautifully warming, did you know that a curry boosts your immune system? Also curries may help to prevent Alzheimer’s…and cancer.
A curry is good for your heart and can help ease digestion. There is also evidence that curry helps lower your cholesterol and boost your metabolism.

This class is part of our 2019 home cooking series and is on June 6 from 1 pm to 3.30 pm at Grow Lightly Hub in Korumburra. Tickets go on sale on Monday May 20 at the special early bird price of $55. For that you get a meal for four to take home for that night's dinner, recipe sheets, cooking tips and hints from a fabulous teacher and have fun as well. It's a win-win situation. Join us. Keep your eyes peeled for the link Eventbrite link to buy your ticket.

Jobs to do to nurture your fruit trees

Top 3 tips for the week:
  • Save apple, pear and quince seed for growing your own rootstocks (fruit trees for free!)
  • Make sure you have codling moth traps around the trunks of your apple and pear trees to catch them as they overwinter
  • Buy or sharpen pruning equipment, ready for winter pruning
Thanks to Grow Great Fruit at Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens


Wanted: a volunteer to help on the Monday morning set up team.  Join Leanne and a fabulous volunteer to set up the shop on Monday mornings, ready to open the door at 10 with the shop stocked and looking gorgeous.  Some lifting is required, so being physically fit for this is important.  We stock the shop, attach price labels and do a back room and cool room stocktake and clean to order for the coming week.  And we meet and greet wonderful growers as they bring in their produce.  We start at 8:30 and finish about 12.  If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, please contact Leanne by email, or let Suzi know in the shop.  If you already volunteer in the shop but feel like this is a good fit for you, let us know too.
What's happening this week

The Grow Lightly Food Hub shop will be open on
Monday to Friday:10 am till 4 pm
Saturday: 9 am till  1 pm

Please support us – through the Community Rewards Program!

As a non-profit community organisation, Grow Lightly is part of the Michael’s IGA Supermarket Community Rewards program. Funds raised through this program have helped equip the new Grow Lightly Food Hub at Coal Creek.
But this program will only continue to support us if you in turn help us by shopping at the IGA stores in Leongatha and Korumburra, and ensuring that your Rewards Tag nominates Grow Lightly Connect.  You can make sure this happens by filling out this form and dropping it into one of the three Michaels IGA stores.

Thanks so much
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