October 19, 2016 • Vol 20, Issue 42
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Fulfillment at Work Newsletter : Take Your Career to the Next Level

Getting Ahead – Career Advancement Strategies

How to Start a Conversation You’re Dreading

When you manage people, sooner or later you are in a position where you need to have a conversation that you’d…
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Lessons from Leaders - In-depth Profiles

The One Career Lesson My First Job Taught Me

No matter your first job, entering the workforce for the first time inevitable entails a steep learning curve that can be as daunting…
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Coaching Corner – Joel’s Article of the Week

6 Strategies to Building a Stronger Team

In business, the main focus is often on the bottom line, and things like relationships get pushed to the back…
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Career Central - Tips for Career Changers

How to Wow a Job Interviewer When Changing Careers

Once you thoroughly research your desired field, learn its lingo and identify commonalities between your previous experiences…
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Joel In The News - Interviewed by Top Media Outlets

How to Handle a Knockdown

If you’ve ever been knocked down in life, whether it’s in your personal or professional life, these tips will help you…
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November 2nd, 2016 in Atlanta 
Lead with Influence: Be the Most Effective and Influential Leader
The Institute of Management Studies
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November 3rd, 2016 in Cincinnati 
Lead with Influence: Be the Most Effective and Influential Leader
The Institute of Management Studies
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Surprising Workplace Facts and Statistics
  • Staying relevant is a major challenge. 40% of employees said that their top concern was their position changing or becoming obsolete—far more than the number who answered economic uncertainty or layoffs (SAP ).
  • Dealing with a toxic company culture. 78% of employees say negative attitudes are extremely debilitating to team morale and 27% say it decreases productivity (Fierce). 

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"If you want a quality, act as if you already had it." 
~ William James

"Success is dependent on effort." 
~ Sophocles

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