November 1, 2017 • Vol 21, Issue 43
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Getting Ahead – Career Advancement Strategies

8 Things Ridiculously Successful People Do Before 8 AM

What you can learn from the CEO of Starbucks about how to become successful…
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Lessons from Leaders - In-depth Profiles

Chip Bergh on Setting a High Bar and Holding People Accountable

I grew up in the suburbs north of New York City. My life was a little bit like “Mad Men.” My dad worked for NBC…
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Coaching Corner – Joel’s Article of the Week

The Keys to Effective Self-Promotion

Most people are reluctant to promote themselves and their work. Are you one of them? You might update your boss about…
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Career Central - Tips for Career Changers

Getting Interviews but No Offers? Here’s Why

“Why am I getting interviews but no offers?” is a question that is often asked by frustrated job applicants. The response to that…
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Joel In The News - Interviewed by Top Media Outlets

The Complete Guide to Setting Goals

Welcome to the season of setting goals – a two-month period when businesses, families, and individuals explore aspirations for…
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Surprising Workplace Facts and Statistics
  • Technology can hurt productivity. 39% of employees do not believe they receive fair pay in their current job, and more women (42%) than men (34%) do not believe they are being paid fairly. (White House).
  • Wearable technology at work. 48% of Americans see a workplace benefit from wearable technology like watches and glasses in the workplace (Fortune).

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“A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success."
~ Joyce Brothers

"The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves." 
~ Ray Kroc

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