January 27, 2016 • Vol 20, Issue 4
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Fulfillment at Work Newsletter : Take Your Career to the Next Level

Getting Ahead – Career Advancement Strategies

How To Make Decisions More Efficiently

Business is about making decisions and executing on them. Your success depends on your ability to develop speed as a habit in both.
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Lessons from Leaders - In-depth Profiles

Cindy Holland of Netflix: Learning to Lead on a Pair of Water Skis

Cindy Holland is the person at Netflix responsible for supplying the world with addictive entertainment. This interview with Cindy is the vice president for original content at Netflix. Read this interview to learn more. 
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Coaching Corner – Joel’s Article of the Week

Career Advancement – 5 Key ways to Stand Out

I’ve been with my company for six years now, and I’ve gone as far as I can go. It’s time to move to a bigger playing field. How can I really set myself apart from the crowd? I know I’m good at what I do, but how do I convey that without overselling myself or looking like an egomaniac?
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Career Central - Tips for Career Changers

10 Probing Questions Candidates Should Ask Their Interviewers

If you want to maximize your chance of getting the job, you need to ask questions — some of which will be quite challenging to ask. Still, these probing questions are necessary.
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Joel In The News - Interviewed by Top Media Outlets

How to Be a C-Suite Influencer

As an HR professional, you rely on the power of your influence to drive change, improve situations and produce game-changing results. There are five specific traits all influential people have. 
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Weekly 2 min Video Message
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Surprising Workplace Facts and Statistics
  • More people are dating co-workers. 38% U.S. workers have dated someone who worked for the same company, and 16% said they have done so more than once (CareerBuilder).
  • Mobile job searching is skyrocketing. At least 50% of job seekers with mobile devices spend three or more hours searching for jobs on their devices each week (CareerBuilder ). 

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Quotes to Inspire
"The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself." 
~Mark Caine

"Whenever you see a successful person you only see the public glories, never the private sacrifices to reach them." 
~Vaibhav Shah

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