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The Spirit of Aloha 
I'm an ardent student of the Hawaiin philosophy and culture. Their "spirit of aloha" is comprised of five primary principles; kindness, unity, gentleness, humility, and patience.  In that spirit, Hawaii Governor David Ige signed a landmark bill into law in 2015, ensuring that by 2045, 100% of Hawaii's electrical energy would be produced via renewable resources. That's saying a lot for the US's most petroleum-dependent state. They believe the change will come from the within, not just from outside contributors. They are taking the "we're all in the same canoe" approach. I believe that's the only path to sustainable change and harmony. Check out the article, Hawaii Sources The 'Spirit Of Aloha' In Pursuit Of 100% Renewable Energy

Family Roadtrip? 
My sister, Ashley Logsdon, and her husband Nathan and their three girls hit the road about 18 months ago. They set off to dream, discover, and live a life of adventure and awe. This week they launched their 90 Day Family Roadtrip CourseYou may dream of traveling with your family, but it all seems a little too overwhelming and impractical. What if you could shift to a location-independent lifestyle that takes you beyond the destination and forces you to focus on the present? Let us show you how to take in all - the sights, the fun, the experiences...and afford to keep on going! There are 3 more days left on their pre-launch offer for 50% off. 

Thank You, Ben & Jerry's
I'm very blessed that my wife, Ilea is an absolute magician in the kitchen. And on top of that, she does it all without animal products. Consequently, our home is abounding with exciting, healthy, delicious food every day. But every now and then we just want some Ben & Jerry's. Because who doesn't? Today I extend my gratitude to Ben and Jerry for creating two new vegan ice cream options. They actually have quite a few now, as more than 20% of their selection is now non-dairy or vegan. Thanks, guys! 
“We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.”
Anaïs Nin
You can find my ongoing Inspiration Page on my podcast website, packed full of all the books, films, organizations and gurus that have formed my perspective and inspired me to live a more harmonious life. 

Orthodoxy & Paying it Forward

Naphtali Hoff is a PsyD, executive coach, organizational consultant, and sought-after trainer and lecturer. He completed his doctorate in human and organizational psychology and holds two master’s degrees in education and educational leadership. He is the author of an excellent new leadership book, “Becoming the New Boss.”

On my latest Inipi Radio podcast, we talk about his Orthodox Jewish faith, leadership, Sabbath, and our innate interconnectedness. He's gained a beautiful perspective along the way. I hope you'll check it out. 

Orthodoxy & Paying it Forward with Naphtali Hoff

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