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Lego Greens Up Another Notch
I’ve always loved Legos. It’s the one “toy” I was most fond of as a child, and even now as a father. My kids share my love of these little wonders of imagination and possibility. But we also care deeply about their potential impact on our planet. But worry not. Legos already 
runs on 100% renewable energy and just committed to producing all of their botanical selections, such as leaves, bushes, and trees completely from plant-based plastic. This is part of their commitment to transition into fully sustainable materials for their standard products and packaging by 2030. This is how big change happens. Enough people use their choices and voices to compel big brands to clean up their act. And when those big brands make the changes, it often begins the process of normalizing the new standard. That’s a trend I can get behind.
Check out the article on Green Matters

Technological Ethics & Kindness
Jaron Lanier is a VR pioneer and a digital philosopher. He coined the term "virtual reality,” founded one of the first companies in the VR space, and has been involved in both the practice and theory of creating and living in virtual worlds for decades. Now he's one of the most trenchant critics of Silicon Valley's business model. Ezra Klein of Vox recently interviewed Jaron on his podcast. I was absolutely fascinated by Jaron as he described his philosophies and perspective. He's a true philanthropist (lover of humans) and his ideas about how we could thrive as a society blew my mind. I learned a lot in this interview. (By the way, The Ezra Klein Show is in my Top 5 Favorite Podcasts.)

Vegan Life Just Got Easier
Being vegan, or "plant-based" is quite easy for our family. But that has a lot to do with how seldom we eat out. We eat at home 95% of the time. As I've mentioned before, Ilea is a remarkable chef. When we do go out, it's really difficult to find a place where we can eat according to our dietary practices. But that's changing thanks to a new website and app from Happy Cow. It's a search engine, that locates and showcases vegan restaurants around you. Think Yelp for vegans. This type of convenience plays an important role in bolstering the plant-based diet movement.  

"Our imagination is stretched to the utmost, not, as in fiction, to imagine things which are not really there, but just to comprehend those things which are there."
Richard Feynman
You can find my ongoing Inspiration Page on my podcast website, packed full of all the books, films, organizations and gurus that have formed my perspective and inspired me to live a more harmonious life. 

A Backpack Full of Life Lessons

Deepak Ramola is the Founder & Artistic Director of Project FUEL. An organization that collects life lessons from people of all ages and backgrounds around the world and designs them into interactive activities and workshops.

Deepak, is a United Nations speaker, two times TEDx speaker, an educator, a writer, actor, lyricist and a gold medalist in Mass Media studies from the University of Mumbai.

As a lyricist, Deepak has written songs for films like 'Manjhi, The Mountain Man', ‘Time Out’, 'Dear Dad' and ‘Wazir’. He recently featured in the fifth season of the hit show "The Dewarists".

Deepak has lived an extraordinary life, and that has afforded him a beautiful perspective and a lot of wisdom. He had so many quoteables that I finally had to just stop writing them down. He's poetic, passionate, and driven by a profound passion for humanity. 

I got so much out of this discussion. Check out the show notes for some life-giving and contemplative quotes from Deepak. 

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