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BioCarbon Engineering 
BioCarbon Engineering is on a mission to combat industrial-scale deforestation with industrial-scale reforestation. The company has set a goal to plant One Billion trees worldwide, and it's using drones to get the job done fast. With this technology, BioCarbon Engineering says it's capable of planting 100,000 trees per day. This is the kind of technology I really appreciate. 

The Robots Are Coming, and Sweden Is Fine
In a world full of anxiety about the potential job-destroying rise of automation, Sweden is well placed to embrace technology while limiting human costs. “In Sweden, if you ask a union leader, ‘Are you afraid of new technology?’ they will answer, ‘No, I’m afraid of old technology.'" In America, automation seems like a threat to most, but that's much more of a reflection of our current social agreements, systems, and politics. In many other countries, automation is paving the way for more purposeful work, safer environments, innovation, creativity, and more "thinking societies" rather than "labor societies". Check out the NYT Article here

Jupiter is Downright Gorgeous 
The Juno spacecraft left Earth in 2011 with the mission of exploring Jupiter's gravity, radiation field, atmospheric chemistry, aurorae, magnetism, and other vital signs. It was scheduled to send photos back next month but is already a bit ahead of schedule. And they are nothing short of remarkable. Take a look at these shots and soak in the awe. (It's worth noting, we named our daughter Teya Jupiter, in honor of Jupiter's magnificence.) 
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." 
Buckminster Fuller 
You can find my ongoing Inspiration Page on my podcast website, packed full of all the books, films, organizations and gurus that have formed my perspective and inspired me to live a more harmonious life. 

The Gift of Attention
As a child, I was diagnosed with ADD and Dyslexia. That's a bummer of a combo. But I've spent my life training myself to focus my attention, create habits of concentration, and to develop my own process for reading. 

The mind is a space full of rooms. Rooms like Happiness, Anger, Stress, Gratitude, Wonder, and more. Our attention floats around like a giant beach ball. Contrary to popular belief, we have full control over where that ball of attention lands, in every moment. The energy goes where we place our attention. 

When my attention veers towards anger, I must deliberately bring it back to a positive emotion (room) of gratitude or patience. It's not always easy, but it's always possible. At this point, I'm developing subconscious habits of this practice. 

Like anything else, we create habits from the things we practice. One way I practice this is to stop trying to multitask. Multitasking sets me up to do lots of things with mediocrity and nothing with excellence. That's not who I want to be. Instead, I choose to give my undivided attention to whatever it is I'm doing. 

I also believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give someone is our undivided attention. Think of how it makes you feel when someone gives you theirs. You can give that gift to people every time you interact with them. It helps people feel validated, loved, and valued. 

Learning to focus my attention and concentrate has also proven to be one of the greatest gifts I can give myself, my businesses, and anything else I care about. 
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