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Silicon Valley & Our Humanity 
The Ezra Klein Show is in my Top Five favorite podcasts. His recent interview with Jaron Lanier blew me away. Apparently, it blew Ezra away too. Lanier is a VR pioneer and digital philosopher. He coined the term "virtual reality,” founded one of the first companies in the space, and has been involved in both the practice and theory of creating and living in virtual worlds for decades now. He's one of the most trenchant critics of Silicon Valley's business model and the negative effects it's had on the world. I was really surprised and inspired by his words and his beautifully human perspective. 

I Dare Us to Dream Big
I only recently learned of the phenomenon of the artist and futurist (I love that combo), of Zenka. She makes "art for the galactic age". Her TEDx talk,  "Will Virtual & Augmented Reality Move Us Into the Knowledge Age? is packed full of creativity, innovation, and depth. She says "They call VR "the empathy machine… It’s not the tools, but how we use them that define where we’re striving as humans... This right here is the greatest challenge of our age; change. We have to admit that it’s happening, otherwise, we’re not going to be able to leverage its unique abilities...This is what it takes to succeed in a changing world. The ability to scrap our ideas, to change our minds and to be curious, rather than fearful of the unknown."

Unilever Stands up to Google and Facebook
I've been a fan of PrinceEA since he first came on the scene. His latest short film, I Quit (3 min) is an inspirational reminder to embrace the opportunity of being the masters of our destiny. His I Just Sued the School System (6 min) is one of the best pieces I've seen on the educational system in America. He calls it "educational malpractice". He posits that teachers should be paid and revered like doctors. I agree. He quotes the creator of Standardized Testing, Frederick J. Kelly, as stating, “These tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned,” shortly after creating them in 1914. Yet they remain the standard today. Here's a great article about it from the Washington Post. 
“Unused creativity is not benign. It metastasizes and turns into grief, shame, and hard things.” - Brené Brown
You can find my ongoing Inspiration Page on my podcast website, packed full of all the books, films, organizations and gurus that have formed my perspective and inspired me to live a more harmonious life. 

Tune in to the Goodness

I’m very deliberate about not hovering over our kids or trying to control them. Rather, I want to give them the space to manifest the ineffable song that plays in their hearts. 

I’ve resolved that “parents" are what we call the “chief influencers in our early development”. So my efforts go towards "just being love”, asking big questions, being super patient, listening a lot, and embracing their unique journey. I’m here to inspire and equip, not to control or dictate. 

I believe the best way I can serve my kids is to tend to my own light, to be an example of unconditional love, to live deliberately, and to foster a resilient expectation that they are just going to thrive. 

If I’m constantly listening for the next calamity, I’m actually contributing to the likelihood of it happening. The energy of negative expectations just attracts more negative energy. Of course the same goes for positive expectations. 

If I’m focused on listening for a child to cry or fight or fall, I’m not able to be fully present in my life or to notice the beautiful nuances of their childhood. My kids need my presence and my light. 

If I just focus on my inner light, on my connection with Source, and being fully present and aware, I have to believe that if there is something that needs my attention, I’ll intuitively tune into it. And this has certainly proven to be true. 

I just expect that my children will thrive. So I choose to tune into their goodness, to expect that they will be safe and fulfilled. I believe that awareness and expectation is one of the greatest gifts I could give them.

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