Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes ..
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"Good, better, best. Never let it rest. 'Til your good is better and your better is best."  St. Jerome

Hi All,

Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

I know it is Winter and it is easy to eat more stodgy comfort foods. The cool things is that our Summer bodies are made in Winter and with Isagenix its easy to maintain or build our Summer bodies now. So if you have not cleansed in a while, listen to this cool podcast with Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Communication Specialist Lindsay Gnant explains how you can Have Your Best Cleanse Day.

Sarah Maxwell interviews Jen Jeffries
The Naturopath's journey to Isagenix's 184th Millionaire

Jen Jeffries has been a Naturopath for 27 years and spoke around the world on the topic. As an aromatherapist, she also authored 12 books. Her diverse background started her in the army as a young woman to then becoming the lone female pirotechnician in Australia...Continue reading →

All you need to know about Cleansing 

Cleanse Days with Isagenix are based on a concept that scientists refer to as intermittent fasting and involves either 1 or 2 days each week where you’ll abstain from most food. Cleanse Days are different from ordinary fasting because of the nutritional support that your body receives from Cleanse for Life. Click through to read more. Continue reading →

#90DayGP: Creating your success

It’s the last few weeks of the 90-Day Game Plan, which means it’s time to put everything you have left into achieving your goals. This is the most crucial time to take a moment to reflect on you’re previous work and determine how you want to finish. Click through to hear Caroline Power's top tips for achieving success. Continue reading →

International Sponsorship

One thing I love about Isagenix is that we can build our teams around the world. Easy way to understand is that anyone on this side of the world we can join up without any change.
Anyone in north America we need to have International Sponsorship.  It costs $50 a year. Now you may be thinking that "well I don't know anyone over there". However with our compensation plan  being as generous as it is, others above or below you in this business could know people over that way. I personally enrolled  another Canadian in the last week. SO, if you don't have international, any products that they buy "you do not receive the BV benefit"  UNLESS you have International Sponsorship. Trust me you will never spend a better $50.  It happens with one easy click in your back office. 

Born to be a Professional Network Marketer

“I had 10/10 belief from the beginning – I knew I would become a 6-figure income earner in the START Movement and I know one day I’ll become an Isagenix Millionaire,” he adds. “The truth is, I’ve never felt so excited about my future until I stepped into the world of Network Marketing – the moment I signed up it felt like I was meant to be a professional in this industry.”  Continue reading →

3 Tips for Avoiding Shiny Distractions

Cecilia Meis  with Success
Chip Dodd gets distracted by shiny things. His company, Support Services of Virginia Inc., creates communities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to help them thrive. In 2008 they needed more housing, but prices were skyrocketing ... Continue reading →

Three Ways to Be An Influential Leader 

David TS Wood with Amplified Living
What does it mean to be a leader? John Maxwell says it is the power to influence others. There are so many definitions floating around as to what a leader really is that it would take a while to sort them all out.  Continue reading →

5 Reasons a Destiny Mindset Empowers Your Greatmess

By Sherre Demao with TUT
Do you view your life as in fate's hands or divinely destined to be? I have been giving deep consideration to the premises behind fate and destiny, and I have come to a conclusion. While people tend to use these words interchangeably.. Continue reading →

Closing out

Check out this cool video made by the talented David Webb and Duane Taylor in our team on our team upcoming Winter Cleanse and Shred


Peace, Prosperity and Great Love

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