The sleeps just keep counting down to Celebration. I'm more excited six years in,...
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"When you are grateful - when you can see what you have - you unlock blessings to flow in your life."
Suze Orman

Hi All,

The sleeps just keep counting down to Celebration. I'm more excited six years in, than ever before, about Celebration.

Awesome training, Awesome fun, Awesome meeting new people and SOOOO Awesome new products being launched. I cannot wait to see what they are. 

Competition Time

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All you need to know about Celebration 2016! 

With so many exciting things to get involved in, you won’t want to miss out on embracing every opportunity possible. So head to the Celebration Microsite to find out everything you need to know about this year’s Celebration! Continue reading →  

Get creative in the kitchen with our first ever recipe book! 

We’ve been cooking up something special, so we hope you’re ready to get your apron on and discover some tasty, nutritious recipes! Better Living is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! Continue reading →

Get Ready for the Upcoming Global Cleanse Day!

Are you ready to cleanse as #OneTeam? Join us for Global Cleanse Day on March 21, 2016. Isagenix® has been leading the way in advocating the practice of cleansing for more than a decade... Continue reading → 

Where are you on your Isagenix® journey? And what should you do next?

The beautiful thing about Isagenix programs is that they are infinitely flexible and can be tailored to fit your lifestyle, your strengths and your personal style.  Continue reading →

Motivating the Masses, with Lisa Nichols

David TS Wood with Amplified Living
What is it that makes or breaks a sale?  Is it simply product superiority? is it a seductive advertising campaign filled with happy, gorgeous models? .. CLICK To Listen

How to Respond Vs Reacting to Negative People

With Preston Smiles
We are very reactive, we spend a lot of time trying to even the score and prove a point. Preston shares a story about an event in his life when he took time to think about reacting instead of responding. Are you drugged by your emotions? Click to View

6 Ways to Keep Your Attitude Up When Life Tries to Bring You Down 

by Chris Widener with Success
A positive attitude is key to a successful life, so what happens when things go wrong? We have a tedency to let our attitudes take a dive along with our state of affairs. But life is going to deal setbacks.. Continue Reading → 

3 Affirmations that Will Change Your Life 

By Tracey Dawn  with TUT  
We all aspire to live the life of our dreams. But sometimes we’re so busy trying to acquire everything that we think we need, we forget to acknowledge everything that we already have. Continue reading → 

Closing out

Closing out, you have been experiencing the awesome results of our products. Maybe it has been better sleep, better energy, happier moods or some weight loss or muscle gain, Or most importantly a few more dollars in the bank.

Who do you know who could also use one of these benefits.  These are my two fav video's to share to people about what Isagenix is. Who could you share them to today. The Isamovie    and  Wealth Creation  .

Competition Time!

Vote for your fav and WIN an Isagenix Gym Bag valued at $30. Email or  CLICK TO VOTE to be in the competition. Comp drawn next Monday the 21st of March.  


Peace, Prosperity and Great Love

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Let's Celebrate!


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