I love that six years ago I was the biggest pain in the arse skeptic...
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"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it."
William Arthur Ward

Hi All,

I love that six years ago I was the biggest pain in the arse skeptic about Isagenix and that today I love it all more than I did back then. Most importantly it is because the products just rock. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing people that I introduce Isagenix to thrive on the program and get their core health back. That makes this naturopath brain smile the biggest. 

What I also love is that people feel and see a difference with our products in the first couple of weeks, and when their friends and family notice, and we can help them get their products paid for if they choose. Isagenix rocks when it comes to rewarding us for taking the products and then sharing that with friends. Recently the company reset all of the bonuses which makes it even easier to be able to benefit from this compensation plan. If you are even a little curious as to how, check out this simple VIDEO and FLYER

Remember!!:  The top two sponsors, over the next two of our business weeks, will win the FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE. To clarify, all sponsorships in my downline will be added together for these next two weeks and the top two sponsors will win the tickets. 
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Burst into your day with this healthy Isagenix Shake recipe! 

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Remember to be Compliant

When introducing Isagenix® products and systems to a new Associate, it can be difficult not to ‘verbal vomit’!   There is so much information available so where do you start? Check yourself! Isagenix Compliance ANZ is dedicated to ensuring that you .. Continue Reading → 

Isagenix Health: Your guide to the science of Isagenix 

Whether you’re new to Isagenix® or a seasoned advocate, you’re bound to have questions about the science behind our line of nutritional products – how it works, Continue reading → 

You are Enough - Becoming Vs Revealing

With Preston Smiles
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Simple Strategies to Create What You Want

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Business Basics Training: If Passion Were Enough

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How to Take Advantage of the Synchronicities in Your Life 

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Closing out

I wanted to share one of the Aussie Isagenix Millionaires stories. From stressed out nurse to Millionaire is quite the story. Knowing where Heidi's life is now and where her and Lal came from, this is what gets me out of bed every day to keep sharing whats possible with what we have here at Isagenix.


Peace, Prosperity and Great Love

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