Only 45 days until Celebration and over the next two weeks you have a chance to win...
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"To succeed, you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you."
Tony Dorsett

Hi All,

Only 45 days until Celebration and over the next two weeks you have a chance to win one of two FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCES.

What does that mean?

For associates in my downline you have the chance to....
Gain access to the First Class lounge in the Entertainment Quarter and while you use your early access to General Session and secure some of the best seating, enjoy your bundle of Isagenix products including samples of BRAND NEW PRODUCTS! First Class also receive the right to use the private ‘Shop and Collect’, so there’s no need to queue in store. With lunch available in the lounge and many more great reasons to win this prize.

So how do you win? Simple. The top two sponsors, over the next two of our business weeks, will win the FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE. To clarify, all sponsorships in my downline will be added together for these next two weeks
 and the top two sponsors will win the tickets. 

First Class and Priority Experiences at This Year’s National Celebration! 
It’s All Happening at the Celebration Entertainment Quarter!
Embrace Celebration with the Coovers!

Launching 2016 IsaDerby Celebration!

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Isagenix Opportunity Webinar

 Every Tuesday at 8:00pm AEDT (Sydney Time), hear from 4 Star and above Associates as they share what sets Isagenix apart from the rest. Click to Register

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Closing out

 I saw this video recently and it really screamed at me. The words and the inspiring dancers performing the piece rock. I dare you to watch this and not get goose bumps. 

If only everyone "got" this message. So powerful. There is only love or fear. Click to View 


Peace, Prosperity and Great Love

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Let's Celebrate!



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