OMG I'm inside the Arctic Circle in Alaska!! My life just gets cooler every day !!
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"I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.."
Arthur Rubinstein

Hi All,


Aaahhh! Somebody pinch me!  My life just gets cooler every day !!
OMG!  I'm inside the Arctic Circle in Alaska!!  That place where there is total darkness and total daylight at opposite times of the year on the solstice. 

It had always been on my bucket list as is Antartica. I shot this video up there a few days ago. 

To see what I saw when I got there was a total surprise 
and I am totally rapt!  I went, and yes now I want to do it in winter solstice as well. Being totally off the grid and uncontactable was a new experience for me.I have amazing photos to share when I get good internet.  Make sure you check out my Video!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my life - being able to "Share the Shot" from these incredible places is beyond cool!  Get out and live your life!

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Closing out

From the Arctic Circle in Alaska - Get out of your cities and do something.. you can't miss out on this stuff in life - it's too cool!

PS:  Don't forget Summer Kick Off, a MASSIVE four-day epic event on Queensland’s Gold Coast from Friday 25 to Monday 28 September, 2015! We have an amazing line-up of speakers to inspire you on your Isagenix journey! 

Peace, prosperity and great love,  

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