Have you ever noticed that some people in this world have it altogether? 
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"When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things."
Joe Namath



Have you ever noticed that some people in this world have it altogether? They seem to have success in all areas of their life – they do what they love and they are happy, productive, charitable and healthy.
I always used to wonder how they did it. There are so many things that aren’t equal in this world, but time certainly is. We each get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so why is it that some people can accomplish incredible things and others very little?
After having the opportunity to speak to some of the world’s most successful leaders and entrepreneurs the reason become clear. It was a choice. A choice of how we see time - something we wish away, or something we use to the fullest, and a choice of how we spend it - what we prioritise.
That realisation quite literally changed my life, so in hope that it might change yours too, in this issue I thought I would talk about how to be more happy, healthy and productive and share some tips for staying motivated when discover what you want to devote your time to.

6 daily habits to make you more happy, healthy and productive

  1. Start with you first. When you wake up of a morning don’t jump onto social media or emails, take some time to start the day doing something for you or that you love.
  2. Breathe. Often when we get stressed we hold our breath so at regular intervals throughout the day stop to do some deep breathing
  3. Value your time. Start being selective with your “yes” answers. Make sure your schedule is aligned with what is most important to you. If you don’t value your time why will anyone else?
  4. Prioritise. Have two separate to-do lists, one that lists the tasks that need to be done that day and one that lists the tasks that would be nice to get done. Take the pressure off stress stifles creativity.
  5. Every day find ways to add value to someone else’s life. It could be quality time with family, helping a neighbour, going above and beyond for a customer, smiling at a stranger, giving to a worthy cause or being a listening ear for a friend.
  6. Eat well and move. The benefits of eating well and exercising reach far beyond health. It gives you more energy, clarity and boosts your mood so you work, play, love and give more.

Five tips to keep you motivated – regardless of what you are chasing

Whether you want to check off your to-do list, live a healthier lifestyle, make a difference in the world or kick some serious goals you need a strong dose of motivation.
Motivation gives us the courage and momentum to live our dreams and follow our passions and, what's more, it’s contagious. By being motivated ourselves, we help others become motivated and passionate too.
But there’s just one problem – motivation isn’t available on tap. When life takes a swing at you, or you are drowning in your everyday routine, motivation can have a habit of playing hide and seek.
So how do you keep your motivation high so you can achieve everything you want to? Here are five tips to keep you motivated regardless of what you are chasing.

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Remember to thrive, not just survive!


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