Today I am heading off to Bali, Indonesia.  A week of work and play...
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"Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open."
John Barrymore

Hi All,


Today I am heading off to Bali, Indonesia. A week of work and play and celebrating the wedding of our very own Storm Blewett over there.

I love the fact that I and all of you can travel to countries like Indonesia, have a tax deductible holiday (talk to your accountant about that) and build your Isagenix business while we travel. For me this is priceless.

So, who do you know in Bali or who do you know who knows someone in Bali? Escaping Winter in OZ and travelling means I am Living The Dream and you can too.


I also want to share this week about building your Isagenix business with your partner. There is an excellent podcast you will learn:
  • The importance of recognizing the couples strengths & how to leverage them. 
  • Developing a system that allows a couple to work together effectively. 
  • How to find balance between Isagenix time & family time. 
  • How to create an environment where your children are your biggest cheerleaders. 
  • The importance of Celebrating your wins (big & small) as a family.

How Couples can build Isagenix Successfully
by Take Action Team Podcast

The importance of recognizing the couples strengths & how to leverage them. Developing a system that allows a couple to work together effectively. How to find balance between Isagenix time & family time. How to create an environment where your children are your biggest cheerleaders. The importance of Celebrating your wins (big & small) as a family. Click To Listen → 

Sit Back, Relax, and Watch US Celebration Live at Home

There’s no doubt that US Celebration is the place to be when it comes to everything Isagenix. With life-changing leaders and electrifying product revelations, Celebration consistently sets the tone for what you and your team can accomplish throughout the year.  Continue reading →

Battling Myths and Misconceptions Circulated on the Internet

Isagenix is a health-and-wellness company that prides itself as being built on the values of integrity and quality. With this foundation of guiding policies, the company has made a commitment to production of no-compromise scientifically based products.  Continue reading → 

MASTERY vs. MEDIOCRITY- Episode #33 With Alexi Panos

You want mastery - get unreasonable. You want a life worth living - get to work, stop dreaming about the person you know you can become and start being it. Nobody is going to come to your rescue but you.! CLICK to watch →

Why 5 is a magic number for losing weight and achieving your health goals   by Jack Canfield

Why do so many people find it so difficult to achieve their weight and health goals?  Some might argue that it has to do with lack of willpower or low self-esteem... but I think it’s simply a matter of poor planning.  If you want to accomplish a goal, you have to have a realistic and achievable plan... Continue reading →

Amplified Living with DAVID TS WOOD
Nine Principles of Greatness (Part 1 of 3)

Do you have greatness inside of you? Les Brown does and he feels that you can unlock the potential within yourself.  To say that Les Brown has led an amazing life is an understatement.  He started in Miami, Florida, as one of twins to a single mother who was living in poverty and he is now one fo the top motivational speakers in the world. Continue reading →

A Love Letter to Your Authentic Self 

By Miriam Castilla  With TUT

Maybe you can relate…

For years I knew I wanted to do more, be more, to contribute, leave a mark, to move people and be of value and service. I wanted to be someone who lives with passion and purpose. Someone who knows exactly who they are and is utterly comfortable and confident within it.. Continue reading →

Closing out

Summer Kick Off is getting closer by the day, remember to book your tickets TODAY. This is a must be at event.

Peace, prosperity and great love,  

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