Time Freedom is the coolest thing that I have received... 
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"Push through the difficulty and you’ll experience a joy those who stop will never taste."   Benjamin P. Hardy 

Hi All,

Time Freedom is the coolest thing that I have received from Isagenix. I have said before that building an Isagenix business was NEVER my intention when I joined nearly 7 years ago. My intention was to simply to enjoy the very cool products. The financial freedom that then came, from me naturally sharing why I felt so good, gave me the time freedom that I experience today. 
Tomorrow I'll fly to Thailand for two weeks to spend time with the 62 children that we look after over there. In the past working  as a naturopath and professional speaker I would have earned NO money while I was away. Thats right, if I did not work I did not  get paid. As it is now I'm still being paid for the work that I have done over the past six-plus years

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Announcing our Newest Business Tool – The 30-Day Body Transformation flyer!

Launching our latest business tool - the 30-Day Body transformation flyer. The 30-Day Body transformation flyer is designed to create interest and curiosity in potential prospects and encourage your customers to start on the Isagenix program with the added benefit of accountability for the 30 days. Continue reading →

Seasonal IsaLean Shake Chocolate Mint is GONE!

With summer right around the corner and a new season on the way, Chocolate Mint is now no longer available for purchase. Keep your eyes on to be the first to catch the announcement of our next delicious Seasonal Shake! Continue reading →

The Convenience of Complete Essentials with IsaGenesis

Now there’s an easy and convenient way to get your daily nutritional support with the new Complete Essentials with IsaGenesis. Designed to ensure you're getting the right nutrients at the right time, each box comes with 60 handy, individually wrapped packs, 30 for the AM and 30 for the PM. Available for both men and women and available in your Back Office now. Continue reading →

Treat yourself to a Strawberry Chocolate Shake today!

This delicious recipe combines two of our favourite Isagenix® products – the scrumptious new Strawberry Cream IsaLean™ Shake and IsaDelight™. Perfect for a Halloween treat, make your own Strawberry Chocolate Shake today! Continue reading →

What Climbing a Mountain Taught Me About Setting Big Goals

By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh with Success  
Brian Dickinson was roughly 1,000 feet from the top of the world when he almost turned around. Bathed in the soft glow of a full moon, he felt tired but peaceful. Each small step he took moved the mountaineer ever closer to the summit... But something was wrong..... Continue Reading

The URGE to MERGE- Relationship In-sight

With Preston Smiles
We all have the urge to merge. We also have an urge to be autonomous, so if you are in an realtionship right now and feeling challenged, make sure you take time to be with yourself. Click to View Video

Getting Sick Will Take You Out Of Production!

Susan Sly
Let’s start with this – nothing will throw you out of balance more than getting sick. Whether it is a common cold, a flu, or something much more serious such as a diagnosis of cancer, no matter how consciously competent we feel in our lives, illness will always change our priorities in a hurry.  Continue reading →

Closing out

Check out this 5 minute life hacks from one of my mentors Susan Sly. . Click To View
Peace, Prosperity and Great Love

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