At the end of the day there is only you who gets to makes choices that determine the quality of your life...
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"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved."
Mattie Stepanek

Hi All,

At the end of the day there is only you who gets to makes choices that determine the quality of your life. So what are you waiting for? I think of this so very often. Everything I have in my life, and not in my life, is a result of choices I have made on this journey of life so far.

What I know for sure is that there is no right time to do anything. There is only time, and it races away, never being able to used again. So what are you waiting for? Is there a dream you wish you were living into? Is there something you have been holding back from saying to someone? Is there a lifestyle you wish you were living now?

Six and a half years and I have never been so certain that Isagenix is the perfect vehicle for us to achieve not only very cool health benefits, but also a vehicle that can help you to be living into your dreams now. Let's be real for a moment.  Most dreams need a certain amount of money to live into and lifestyle for that matter too. So what if you could earn an extra $500 a month? How would that impact you and your families life and lifestyle. Christmas is coming. You love eating the Isagenix products and feeling great. Imagine if you shared with a couple of friends and earned some extra dollars to have an even more cool Christmas. That's whats possible and we are here to help. I know that it is not for everyone, however, are you eternally grateful that your friend shared Isagenix with you to help you get your health where you want it to be? Imagine you gave that same gift to a friend. That's all doing the Isagenix business is. Nothing huge. Nothing weird. It's just sharing what we love with others.

Happy Monday everyone.

100 Pound Club Member Finds New Joy in Motherhood

Hayley S. had suffered almost crippling insecurity as a result of her life-long struggle with her weight. “I was always so self-conscious,” says Hayley. “Often to the point where I couldn’t even walk down the street without feeling an overwhelming sense of insecurity, sometimes even bordering on a panic attack!”  Continue reading →

International Leadership Update

As we continue to grow and expand the Isagenix vision of impacting world health, we are excited to announce some new additions and changes to our international leadership team. This talented group is passionate about sharing our vision and dedicated to helping Isagenix become the largest health and wellness company in the world! Please help us welcome: Hugo Espinosa, General Manager of Colombia...Continue reading →

Strength to Strength Success for Kylie D.

We are thrilled to celebrate Isagenix Millionaire* 13 Star Platinum, 6 Star Executive, Kylie D. as she officially maxed out her first re-entry account, making her the first ANZ Platinum to achieve a second re-entry in their business. This milestone acknowledges Kylie's amazing effort in growing her team and sharing the Isagenix products with more customers. Continue reading →

Don't Forget it's Still Competition Time!!

This is my promotion in our Living The Dream team for any of our peeps who Personally Enroll 10 new associates on a Presidents Pack and on Autoship between today and the close of business on the 17th of October 2016. For everyone who does this - they will receive 2 GOLD CLASS CINEMA TICKETS AND you will receive one  bonus ticket for creating a NEW Consultant in that same time frame. The competition has started, who's coming to the movies? 

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30 Trillion Reasons to Be Grateful: An Ode to the Awesome Human Body

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Closing out

Remember that a successful or sucky is totally up to you. Success or Sucky.. Click to View


Peace, Prosperity and Great Love

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Platinum Call Update

We know you love to plug in and keep yourself and your team connected to all things Isagenix. While our Platinum Calls will be on hold until further notice, keep yourself and your team in the loop by jumping onto our new Isagenix Business ANZ Facebook group. Continue reading →

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