If I sit back and think of the biggest influences on my Isagenix business...
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"When you learn, teach. When you get, give."  
Maya Angelou

Hi All,

If I sit back and think of the biggest influences on my Isagenix business, I instantly go to events. Not just the learning on stage but also the learning gained by just taking to the other associates at the event. I'm serious, my belief has soared just chatting in the hallways (and yes even the toilet queue) about their story and realising that if they can build this I can too.

The event that had the biggest impact for sure is UIA (University in Action). Why? - because it is the event where I got to learn all of the templates on how to talk to people and all of the basics, PLUS the coolest people who are serious about learning how to do the same and I just hung out with them and learned so much from their experiences. 

UIA is happening in Brisbane this weekend and in Melbourne next weekend. I have attended this event more than 10 times and I will be at both again this month. I know the value of UIA to my Isagenix business. Move mountains and I look forward to seeing you there. 

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Compliance Update: How to ensure your new Associate has the best experience ever!

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Upcoming Indonesia event: Save the date to meet the Coovers! 

Isagenix® is gearing up to host an event on Saturday 7 November at the lavish Dharmawangsa Jakarta hotel in Indonesia with Co-Founders Jim and Kathy Coover. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity, experience Isagenix on a global scale and expand your team in a market where there’s so much opportunity. .. Continue reading → 

Special Enrolment Offer for Guests at Breakthrough Tour!

Buzz is building for the Breakthrough Tour with Erik Coover, Vice President of Global Field Development and Peta Kelly, Isagenix® Millionaire, 10 Star Platinum, 10 Star Crystal Executive set to help you give your business a blast! We’re excited to share that we have a special treat to welcome our Guests to Isagenix..Continue reading → 

The Mindset of a Champion  with Preston Smiles

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Are You a Digital Information Hoarder? 

By Caroline O'Neill   With TUT

As fully immersed and loyal subjects of the social media kingdom, we spend hours on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various blogs and websites. I often feel an innate hunter-gatherer tendency to accumulate as much information as I can. If I see something I like, I have to pin it, save it to my favorites, and share it on Facebook and twitter. But is this getting out of hand a bit? I started to wonder.   Continue reading →

Closing out

Closing out, One of my fav books is The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. So often we don't know what our upper limits are, that hold us back from being truly happy, abundant and simply living a rocking life. This book explains it so well. He has also written some great books on relationships of all kinds. One of my conscious learnings since the Camino is to trust at every level and also that I choose to live a life of no gossiping, complaining, justifying or blaming. I am a work in progress however I am committed as I believe it to be so essential to life.

I love this article by Gay Hendricks. We are all in relationships of all kinds. Its worth the few minutes to read.  

Peace, prosperity and great love,  

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