Somewhere along the last nearly six years I started to find my “colour button”.
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"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."
Omar Khayyam

Hi All,

I am reminded daily what an extraordinary company Isagenix is. This weekend I had a huge realisation I want to share as to what is possible. We have… Extraordinary products, YES. Extraordinary results, YES. Extraordinary compensation plan, YES. Extraordinary corporate staff and leadership, YES. For me though, take all of that away and we have a community of Extraordinary People, loving and supporting each other to succeed.

I realised this weekend that I have had physical shifts in myself and my own personal development since working with Isagenix. You see before Isagenix I wore two colours of shirts. Black and White. I know that many of you have watched my “stress and cortisol” youtube and you will notice that I am wearing a white shirt. I recorded that in the first few months of my working with this company. Somewhere along the last nearly six years I started to find my “colour button”. The button that allowed me to show up in all of my colourful glory which has brought me to today where every millimetre of my life is colourful and I consciously seek more and more. Oh and glitter, have to have glitter on top as well.

So what does this all mean? I don’t know, however, what I do know is how I feel in my body and I have never felt so alive as I do when I do this work. To be in an environment where we are encouraged to show up as our authentic selves, with no masks, and to feel safe. I know that all sounds hippie woo woo, however, where in your life are you not shining as brightly as you can. Where in your life are you holding back and filtering your words, your emotions, your love. It is said that environment is stronger than will power and I agree. That is why I surround myself with spectacular people who feed my light and do not try to turn it down. Its up to me. I am prepared to show up in all of my colourful glory and hopefully that creates the space/environment for you to stand in yours. Does it mean you have to wear colour and glitter? No, not at all. It does however mean that I welcome you to join me in showing your true self. No masks, no filters and full of life.

I am committed to holding the space for those who are ready to step into this extraordinary life and be all that you choose to be. Isagenix is my vehicle and I say that it took everything in my being to get off my ego, to be open to receiving this and it is true. I’m ready for my friends who sit quietly watching my journey. I know you want your version of this as well and are scared, and I get that. I was too, and I know what is on the other side of trusting and letting go. If you are ready to move from your black and white world and have some more colour in your life, take a breath and lets do this. I’m ready. Are you? Isagenix is your vehicle.

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Closing out

Closing out, I'm excited to be heading to Sydney this week for the last Field Advisory Board meeting of the year and to Townsville this weekend for the last Super Saturday of the year. 2016 is going to rock on so many levels, new products being launched in January through to exciting speakers at Celebration through to so many of you experiencing your move from black and white to a life of colour. The excitement in me is palpable and I look forward so much to sharing this journey with you. 

Peace, prosperity and great love,  

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