Last week I had a blast amongst 14,000 Isagenix associates at Celebration in San Diego. 
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"All action results from thought, so it is the thoughts that matter"
Sai Baba

Hi All,


Last week I had a blast amongst 14,000 Isagenix associates at Celebration in San Diego.  It was exciting to see so many Aussies on stage receiving awards including our very own David and Duane on stage to receiving their $250,000+Club award and well on their way to the $500,000+ club.

There were new promotions launched, new products and the new Mind Body program which WILL be launched at our Summer Kick Off in September. If you do not have your tickets, book now as this is a must be at event.   I look forward to seeing you all there as we roll out new products and programs. 


Your US 2015 Celebration Event Recap

Our US 2015 'Breakthrough' Celebration was the largest and most memorable Isagenix® event to date. Seeing everyday people transform their lives using the products, hearing from inspiring business builders and watching one little girl’s life change thanks to Isagenix and Make-A-Wish® was deeply moving. Day 3 of Celebration was inspirational – and just in case you missed out, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading → 

Billion & Beyond: Together We Will (UPDATE) 

At US 2015 ‘Breakthrough’ Celebration, Isagenix® Co-Founder Jim Coover announced that we are making a few updates to the Billion & Beyond: Together We Will Challenge. As per our motto, ‘If it’s not right for the Associates, it’s not right for the company’, we have made these adjustments to ensure you that your accomplishments do not go unrecognised. Continue reading → 

Sensational SlimCake Sandwiches

Sensational SlimCake Sandwiches combine two of our favourite Isagenix® products: SlimCakes™ and IsaDelight Plus™. SlimCakes not only taste delicious, they are also packed with whole oats, inulin, flaxseed and antioxidant-rich berries to help neutralise free radicals. IsaDelights are deliciously creamy, guilt-free chocolates fortified with essential amino acids and B.. Continue reading → 

Congratulations to our Isagenix ANZ Award Winners at US 2015 Celebration! 

We are delighted to announce that two outstanding couples from Australia have accepted some of the year’s biggest awards at US 2015 ‘Breakthrough’ Celebration Gala! Allan & Lari Hilzinger, 7 Star Golden Circle, 8 Crystal Executive, have received a Spirit of Isagenix® award & Isagenix Millionaires Brett Davis & Samantha Gascoigne, 10 Star Platinum, 11 Star Crystal Executive, were awarded .. Continue reading → 

Amplified Living with David TS Wood - How Perseverance Leads to Success 

Everyone is afraid of Failure. But, what if you could shift your thinking and see failure as a stepping stone to success? The key is Perseverance. Many times we are our own worst critics...Continue reading →

7 Tips for Developing Your Personal Philosophy

with Jim Rohn
Jim Rohn was broke at 25 and a millionaire by 31. How does an Idaho farm boy make it to Beverly Hills? This is how… At 25, there was nothing in my bank and I needed to provide for my family. As I was considering what to do, I met John Earl Shoaff, a wealthy.. Continue Reading →

The Surprising Truth About Bravery

By Pam Bauer  with TUT

I sometimes think that bravery doesn’t exist. Bravery is a characteristic that is ascribed to others when they do something that we think we wouldn’t be able to do. It’s what we say about people who are able to face difficulty and pain without fear... Continue reading →

Closing out


What's your goal for between now and Christmas? Pay off the house, have a extraordinary family holiday... What is it? What if you could pay for that solely with Isagenix Income. It all starts with You + 2 Them + 2 and grows from there.  Imagine you will have a tool to help our new Mind Body program to get your mind around achieving that as well. No more self sabotage. Well we have, and it will be launched next month. I am so excited about this program for you all.  This will be the opportunity to creating lasting change. Get excited because it is on its way!!

Peace, prosperity and great love,  

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