WOW a week on from the biggest Celebration in Australia and NZ...
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"Haters are confused admirers.  Love them anyway.."
Preston Smiles

Hi All,


WOW a week on from the biggest Celebration in Australia and New Zealand history. From 1500 peeps last year to 6500 peeps this year.  Everything as amplified at this event and I know that everyone who came along left with a deep sense of knowing what is possible. We will all travel this road at our own pace and in the words of the so very cool self proclaimed (and I totally agree) "Beautiful Chocolate Drop" Preston Smiles, "Begin this week to listen to it, begin to give it gas and I promise you'll look up and notice that you've traveled across the universe, to end up right where you are." Nothing beats knowing why you're here, and let me re-mind us all that it doesn't have to be some grand thing. If you pass the senior citizen home every Thursday and you have the same thought.."One day when I'm not so busy I'm going to go volunteer to sing to them..." THAT IS ONE PART OF YOUR PURPOSE.   

It's time to follow your purpose. Tap into what makes your heart sing, "your why" and lets go change the world whilst enjoying the best health and wealth products on the planet.

90-Day Game Plan preparation start NOW! 

Our next 90-Day Game Plan starts Monday, March 16, but preparation begins NOW. It’s time to start planning so when you cross the finish line in June, you’ll have accomplished everything you set out to tackle. Remember, we’re here for you every step of the way.. Continue reading-

Save the Date: Upcoming Conference Calls 

Celebration may be over but that's no reason to slow down! Keep your Strength In Momentum going by tuning into our upcoming conference calls. Pull out your calendars (or smartphones!) out and lock in these dates for next week: Continue reading -

IsaNews Uncovered: The A-Z of Healthy Ageing

Feel your best at any age with a whole-body approach to health and wellness combined with Isagenix® ground-breaking products. Learn how you can get the most out of key ingredients, exercise and support tools in The A-Z of Healthy Ageing. From A for Adaptogens to Z for Zinc Continue reading -

Spotlight on Taiwan 

With a population of over 23 million, Taiwan is a bustling, diverse country. With a rich cultural and spiritual heritage, amazing food, world-class hot springs, stunning scenery, Taiwan should definitely be on your list of places to visit! Continue reading-

Celebration Product Launch: Isagenix Greens!™

Conveniently packaged, each on-the-go packet is a healthy and handy addition to your daily IsaLean® Shake. With Vitamin E and three forms of Vitamin C, add a little of this supergreen mix to your water bottle too for a boost of potent detoxifiers including chlorella, spirulina and wheat grass. Click for more!

Fearless vs. Fear Less: A New Approach to Facing Your Fears 

By Kelly Epperson with TUT
“Fearless” is the buzzword of our era. Oh, to be “a fearless woman.” Fearless in love, in business, in life. We are pummeled with advice and memes and songs on living fearlessly  Click to read on.

Why You Need to Feed Your Mind  by Jim Rohn

Pity the man who has a favorite restaurant, but not a favorite author. He's picked out a favorite place to feed his body, but he doesn't have a favorite place to feed his mind! Read on

7 Steps to Creating an Extraordinary Life
with Susan Sly

Susan  guides you through 7 Steps to Create An Extraordinary Life in this amazing podcast.   Get your pen and paper ready.   This podcast will transform your thoughts. Click to listen

7 Strategies for Getting Things Done
By Jack Canfield

One of the most common questions I receive is “Jack, how do you get so much done?” It’s a fair question, considering I’ve written 150 books, deliver an average of 50 live presentations each year..  Continue reading →

Closing out

for those of you running a 90 Day Game Plan, this is an awesome video to check out with my mentor Isagenix Millionaire Susan Sly.

Peace, prosperity and great love,  

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