I have always seen life as a series of sliding doors...
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"Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. "
Og Mandino

Hi All,

I have always seen life as a series of sliding doors. Every moment of every day we are presented with doorways - we choose to walk through them check them out and keep going or to step back out. Six years ago I had a cool life traveling the world as a professional speaker and I knew where I was going. I had it planned however I say that "I never want to die wondering" so I have always been curious to check out doors shown to me. I chose to step through a door -- at the time I NEVER knew what was ahead. It felt good so I entered the door and chose to stay on the other side. Just the other day I was walking along Huntington Beach in California pinching myself that I was there and now I'm in Las Vegas playing with 14,500 of my tribe AND being pinned as an Isagenix Millionaire. I found this crazy cool tribe when I walked through that door six years ago. I have never felt as supported (since my army days and I longed to find that after I got out) as I am in this journey. A door was opened and I had the curiosity to walk through the door and the courage to try it on.

The next six weeks, six months, six years is coming guys and if nothing changes, nothing changes. How do you want to feel in the future? Do you already "wonder" what would have happened if? Don't die wondering guys. If you are shown a door it's worth a look then at least you won't be playing "what if."

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Closing out

Las Vegas! It's really happening! Millionaire rehearsals on stage before the Isagenix event of the year. Overwhelming gratitude to stand beside my gorgeous friend and simply deliciously cool human being that I love to bits  Ben, humbled knowing this milestone is a recognition of how many people I have directly and indirectly been able to help with their health and lifestyle on this journey. I live a blessed life for following my dreams, living into my purpose and working to make it happen.

Don't forget to Stream on Demand the whole event Las Vegas machine for the comfort of your own home in oz for just $99. Check this link for details. The live feed recordings will also be available for a month afterwards as well which is so cool - You'll be able to watch and re-watch. 


Peace, Prosperity and Great Love

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