It's Monday and you just had a fun and relaxing weekend. Imagine that every day could be just like that...
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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."
George Bernard Shaw

Hi All,


It's Monday and you just had a fun and relaxing weekend. Imagine that every day could be just like that. It can be. I know that many of you are very happily simply using the products and are not interested in building an Isagenix business yet and that's cool. However, how would you feel if whoever introduced you to these amazing products... did not do so. Where would you be health wise? I know it can be scary, thinking about how to share your experience, and you may have already tried and "verbally vomited" all over your friends and had it go bad. So stop, take a breath, and think about how we can help you. This is what we are here for. The leaders take sponsoring someone seriously, we are here to support you no matter where you are on this journey. 

What if you really could be even just getting your products for FREE. I am sure that possibility could excite you. So its time to reach out, if you know two people who would love, better sleep, better moods, more energy, maybe lose a few kilos lets sort out how to talk to them with you. 

I promise there is no better feeling in the world than having someone say "thank you so much for what Isagenix has done for my life". Whether health or wealth. So let's make this the best Easter ever by sharing the gift and I am sure that there will be the odd person looking for a cleanse after this weekend. 

90-Day Game Plan:

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Five Ways Your Higher Self Speaks to You  

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Closing out

Remember that no matter how bad and crappy yesterday may have been, this is a new day. The sun rose this morning and you get another shot at it. So don't waste it. You get to chose how today will run. It's totally up to you, 100% responsibility for everything you have and have not in your life. So time to step up and make it happen and make it extraordinary.

Preston Smiles nails it in this short video. Step into the miracle that you are, it is a new day. Enjoy it to the max.. Click for Preston!

Peace, prosperity and great love,  

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