This week I wanted to introduce you to a little guy who taught me... 
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“You always attract into your life the people, ideas, and resources in harmony with your dominant thoughts.” —Brian Tracy 

Hi All,

I wrote in last weeks newsletter about how I was going to be in Thailand these two weeks working on my charity. This week I wanted to introduce you to a little guy who taught me so much in one meeting. Um is a little 7 year old boy from The village where we look after our children for my charity. He is in grade two and is a typical little boy who wants to run and play and he is so happy to go to school. He loves science at school and came 10th out of a class of 23. Um comes from an extremely poor family and the thing is, if you look at the way he lives and what he "has" in life, he has NOTHING compared to kids his age in the western world. The majority of farmers in this area earn about $2-$3 a day. For seriously hard work and school for their children is a luxury they cannot afford. 

What I see when I am with him and the other kids here is that "happiness is attitudinal and not situational".  They have nothing and they have a happiness inside of them that most westerners only dream of. 

So today I want to ask you, what's your happiness level?

Are you playing victim and thinking life and building your Isagenix business is too hard? Trust me, we have not seen hard. Choose your happiness today. Your situation is not keeping you unhappy. Your choice of attitude is. 😃 Gratitude has to come first. Your Isagenix business is so worth the work. I had to borrow the belief of the leaders who came before me like Dave and Irene Miller and I ask that you borrow mine. Be grateful. Be happy and be consistent in building your business. People are screaming out for what we have. Let's share it and grow into the life we deserve to live full of happiness and helping others. 


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Closing out

I simply want to say thank you. Thank you for being open minded and saying yes. Step into all that we have here and enjoy an even cooler life. 

Peace, Prosperity and Great Love
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