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Dear Parents,
Last summer, as I was teaching my daughter to ride her bike, this image imprinted in my mind, that this is "parenting" – helping her find her balance, giving her encouragement and confidence, catching her when she tipped too far, and finding when to let go!  My older daughter is in high school now, and I can see us go through this same dance as she transitions into college!
I am so proud to work at the Newman Center, to provide a supportive Catholic faith community with these young people!  To make sure that they know they are not alone in life, or in faith… that God is there for them, and the Catholic Church stands with them, and we are here to help them find their way, and take their place in the world and in the Church.

One of the BEST things you can do for your son or daughter while they are at college is to give them the gift of Church.  It will see them through a lifetime.  And now is when they embrace it for themselves.

Chris Korte

We need your help.

Help us raise what is still needed for our community this year.

A brief snapshot of what funds we are able to raise so far:
Diocese of Jefferson City               $37,000 (25% of overall need)
Offertory Collection                        $16,000 (13% of overall need)
Building Rentals                               $8,000 (6% of overall need)
Major Donations                               $5,000 (4% of overall need)
Student Activities/Fundraisers          $4,000 (3% of overall need)
Business Sponsors                           $2,500 (2% of overall need)
TOTAL                                            $72,500 (60% of overall need)
We still need to raise  $52,500 to meet our financial needs for this year. 

We are hoping that Parents of Newman Students can help with a big part of that.   Can Parents raise $25,000?  It sounds like a lot!  But if even 125 people give just $200, it can be done.  That’s about $16 a month.  Some people might not be able to give that much, some might be able to give more.  EVERY bit helps and is appreciated.  If all you can do at this time is a small gift, please consider a gift in honor this  school year, like $20.15 . 

Whatever you do, your gift ensures that students have a home here, a place to find friends, to find themselves, and to find God... and to find the strength of community, even the community of people they have never met.

In addition to our regular expenses for the year, we also are in need of some additional items.  If you want, you can direct your gift to some specific area, or get some of your old classmates to go together for something.  These are items that would be a big help, but we do not have the budget to purchase.  This year we especially need:
                1. New electronic keyboard
                2. New microphone cords and a new speaker
                3. New computer
                4. Money for resources like books, videos, etc., for small groups

About Phase II: Chapel, Administrative Space, and Counseling Room

We have not put as much effort on fundraising for building the chapel the last couple of years.  The reason is that our primary concern has been to raise enough to pay our bills for our regular operating expenses.  The last few years we have been able to put some money at the end of the year into our Building Campaign account.  And of course any donation that is designated for the Chapel goes directly into our Campaign account.

We still need to raise $500,000.  So far, we have about $50,000. 

When we raised money to pay for rebuilding what we have so far, people like you (friends, parents, alumni) donated $338,758, which was about 25% of the total cost.   To make the chapel a reality, we would need 500 people to pledge $1,000 ($30/month, for 3 years).

Even while many of you are building your own savings to build your own homes and your own futures... remember to help build the future of Newman, and the future Church. 

Donate via PayPal

Instructions on how to donate
If it helps, it might work better for some people to give a little bit each month.  We even have a way to set that up for you through Paypal or through your bank, or credit card.
To give a donation through PayPal, or to set up an ongoing monthly or quarterly donation, click the "Donate via PayPal" button below this text box to be directed to our website.
To give through a Credit Card, we need your name, address, email, phone number, credit card and credit card number, and expiration date.  Please give this information to us over the phone, or by mail.

To give from a Bank Account (Electronic Funds Transfer), email or call us to let us know what you would like to donate, and if it is a one-time gift or ongoing, and please send a VOIDED check for account verification.

Donate via PayPal

You can also help us raise money whenever you do a search on your computer!  Use .  Goodsearch donates money to us every time a person uses them as their search engine. 

Go to and register with the Catholic Newman Center TSU.  You can also shop online through for money to be donated us.
And of course you can always send a check!  It is always a treat to see a note attached!


Invite a friend or family member to help support us!
If you know a Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle, or Godparent, who would like to support your son or daughter with the Newman Center, please let them know about us.  Maybe you can make a donation together.  Or maybe you have a neighbor or you know a good friend who would like to be one of our supporters!  Please pass this on to them, or send me an address that I can send something to them.

Finally, we are looking for people who would be willing to serve as advisors or consultants in grant writing, technology, communications, development, fundraising, and young adult ministry.  If you would like to serve in some way, or if you know someone who would be good at this, please let me know.  You can email me at

Thank you again for all of your prayers and donations.  Without all of you, we could not have this ministry.  Keep us in your hearts and prayers, you are in ours!
Love and peace,
Chris Korte
Catholic Newman Center
709 S. Davis St.  Kirksville MO 63501

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