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Last week's guest, Maggie Steber, has photographed everyday life in 65 countries around the world. We wanted to send along some of our favorite photos from her collections. Click the photos below to explore more of her work.

We hope you enjoy. 

--Elaine & Sarah

"It's amazing how people will let you into their lives if you really are interested. If you're just there for a picture, forget it. If you really are sincerely interested and beyond this 'getting a great picture,' people will tell you everything about themselves, and I think enriches your own life. We are SO privileged to be able to go into people's lives, and that they share these things with us."

"I have a responsibility, if for no other reason, because I have gained so much from Haiti. But much more importantly than my career I would say that Ive learned life lessons in Haiti. I'm fond of saying that Haiti chooses you, you don't choose Haiti. If Haiti doesn't you there, she will do everything in her power to make you run screaming for the next plane out of the country. But if she wants you there, she wrings your heart out on a daily basis. But she shows you things that you will never forget, and that change you. And change you for the better."

"I have to say looking back that she was an exemplary parent. And I can see things in myself now that are because of her and I wish she was still here so I could really say that to her."
--Maggie on her mother Madje.

"If you want to be a photographer, find something that you can stick with, that you can go back to, that you can grow in that there’s a lot of variety within it. It can be in a country or a theme. Something that you can photograph over time. Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time and build a project where you have 25-40 really powerful pictures. Not every picture in a project has to be dramatic. A project is like a piece of music. You have crescendos and very quiet times. Every photograph in a project has a job to do, and some of them are bridges from one idea to the next."

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