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Sept 2016 Newsletter
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¡CRISTO PARA CUBA!  What's Next for Cuba?  January 2017!
God continues to transform lives in Cuba and our plan for equipping the Cuban Trainers to assume more ownership of the conferences is a reality! Therefore we’ve been asked to return to help them conduct the 11th and 12th "Equipping the Saints" conference in January 2017.  [See pictures and read about our last conference here.]
Will you Partner with us in PRAYER and GIVING?
  • PRAYER REQUESTS -- For open hearts for the invited Cuban pastors and cooperation from the government, and that all the logistics go smoothly.
  • CUBAN PASTORS have no financial means to attend the conference, therefore, DTI pays for their lodging, meals, transportation, and conference materials.  The cost for the entire 5 days is about $20 per pastor.

    We are expecting about 400 pastors and leaders (in two back-to-back conferences), so the total need for the pastors is $8,000.
  • DTI TRAVELING TEAM (4 members) must raise their own support (about $1,500 per person).  We are grateful for resources God is beginning to provide in the form of airline miles and financial gifts. (Making the total need for the conference $14,000)
  • READING GLASSES are a blessing to attendees so they can more easily read the Bible. If you have extra reading glasses and would like to share with Cuban believers, please send them to PO Box 1763, Clearwater, FL 33757.
Also prayerfully consider giving monthly just for the manuals so we can print them throughout the year as the attendees disciple others.
Send us an email with questions by clicking here.
Donate for the Cuba Conferences via Credit Card
Emails from around the world. God is using the many DTI resources.
[Note that we highly recommend that a pastor personally disciple or spiritually mentor at least one believer to understand the nuances of doing so -- and as an example to the lay people being trained to mentor.]
It has been several incredible months. [Since the last DTI workshop.]  I am now discipling 4 guys!! The whole discipleship initiative has kind of caught on like wild fire.
We have nine people pouring into the lives of others. It's been slow but steady.
Brother Jamie Wallace at Roxie Baptist Church is starting Phase 2 training soon, emulating the “model” you set up for us!
And get ready for another DTI Conference soon here in Bude!
Pastor Rodney Jones
Let us congratulate you on a very powerful website and a tremendously helpful disciple manual.
We are from South Africa where our calling is to reach the Afrikaner nation and make disciples and disciplers of them. (2 Timothy 2:2) and we would like to translate your manual into Afrikaans. 

Your Manual and website really fits our ministry like a glove. Our aim is to provide a complete resource to assist disciple makers, make disciples in our Country.
Read the entire article here.
Dear DTI. I was recently at Wasco State prison where I participated in a study of the entire third phase of the DTI lessons and it was amazing! 
...I am writing to ask for a manual because I just transferred to a new prison and I will be here for about 22 months. I am very interested in studying with a group of serious guys here.
Read the rest of this inmate's testimony here.
... We have downloaded the material from the DTI web site and went through Phase 2, as you suggested. Thank you for the wonderful resources. 
We are very much excited to be part of DTI and facilitate disciple-making in our region.
We have prayerfully selected and called 7-10 members to come in September where we will introduce them to DTI by watching the introductory video located on your web site.
Please pray that as we meet every week and go through the DTI manual we continue to learn, grow and mature in the Lord and that we can play a crucial part in fulfilling the Great Commission in our country.

Read the entire letter here
Biblical Disciples are making happen the DTI mission statement of "helping every Christian grow to maturity and fruitfulness in Christ." 
Testimonies from LifeCHURCH - Reno, one of our ministry partners
**DTI has been one of the most impactful experiences in my life. It has helped me grow by leaps and bounds in my Christian walk.... If everyone spent one year in DTI, their lives would be forever better and joyful.

**We thought we had understanding of what it meant to be a disciple of Jesus, but after taking the DTI class, our eyes and hearts were opened up to a deeper and more spiritual understanding. DTI has taught us how abiding and giving lordship over to God grows and deepens our relationship with Him. And DTI has given us more confidence to share that truth with others.
**DTI is for the new and the old; for the struggling, for the hungry follower of Jesus who has tasted the Christian life at salvation and is now hungry for more in his or her spiritual walk. It only takes the step of commitment to allow personal growth from Him, coming to His "table" with a friend ready to partake at the spiritual banquet using the DTI materials. 
[Richard and Shelli Wenschlag are the DTI Spiritual Mentoring Coordinators at LifeCHURCH Reno.]
**DTI, as we see it, is like the nourishing soil in which the seed of a believer can take root. Without understanding the Word and the foundational principles of the Christian faith, we will struggle in our growth, purpose, and relationship with God.      
**Before DTI -- before being mentored -- before having a Spiritual Parent...
  • Before DTI, I knew only that I was saved.
  • Before DTI, I went to Church, and read the Bible.
  • Before DTI, I prayed, but didn’t really know if I was heard, by God.
  • Before DTI, I didn’t know that Jesus wanted to be Lord of my life.
  • Before DTI, I didn’t know how to ‘Abide’.
  • Before DTI, I didn’t know the ‘nature of God’.
After DTI, 
  • I learned the ‘Character of God’ 
  • That He never lies 
  • That He can be trusted
  • That He truly LOVES me
  • That He only allows things in my life designed to grow me into Christ’s image, regardless of whatever I might think of His purpose and process
  • That He never leaves my side, though I might not be aware of His presence
  • That He wants to bless me more than I can possibly imagine
During DTI,
  • I learned that life with Christ is an uphill process with Him always at my side.
  • I learned that even when I fail, He will forgive me if I ask.
  • I learned the importance of continually maintaining a connection with my Heavenly Father throughout the day.
  • I learned that this ‘Christian Life’ is one of consistent challenge, struggle, and growth, and that if I let Him, the Holy Spirit who indwells within, will help me, each and every time I let Him.
  • I learned the importance of the Great Commission, (to go into all the World and make disciples of all peoples) or -- put another way -- to disciple, mentor, Spiritually Parent others.
  • But, most of all, I learned to ABIDE, to never have anything that the Holy Spirit is holding me accountable for.
After DTI,
  • He has softened my heart towards my brother, which helps me to love him more easily.
  • When I lose at a game, He continues to remove the anger that was always TOO obvious in the earlier years.
  • He has made it easier to pray for others, as a service. (Though I know He wants our obedience rather than our sacrifice.)
  • This I don’t say out of pride or arrogance - He has improved my life, my lifestyle, my abode, my possessions, my finances; He has enriched my quality of life, and shown me His joy  (when I get ‘out of self’ ) in the ordinary, extraordinary, mundane, and even tragic moments of everyday life.  Praise Him!
Click here to read more testimonies.
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