Summer is in full swing which means it’s almost time to start thinking about the new school year - almost! Before your planning gets too in-depth, take a look at what’s new with Eduphoria, which districts have joined the community, and where you can find our team at upcoming events.

But first - a pop quiz!

Why did the teacher wear sunglasses 😎? Keep reading to find out!

Student Portal

The more a student is involved in their learning, the more successful they will be. Our Student Online Testing Portal will undergo a full redesign!

In preparation for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, and an expected increase in students taking assessments big and small using Aware Online Testing, we’re updating the interface students see as they navigate tests and review their score summaries. Additionally, students will have their own Online Help Guide to navigate our new item types and testing interface:

What's New in Aware

Aware has tons of new interactive items so be sure to check them out! This month, we’re showcasing Hot Spot. This question type allows the user to upload an image and place targets on the image as potential answers for students to identify.

Hot Spot features include:

  • Automatic image resizing for student devices

  • Target cloning to ensure identical sizing

  • Text-to-speech support with alternative text

Be sure to check out Hot Spot on our
interactive question card.

Strive Updates

We’ve added greater flexibility and utility to the Strive Conferences tool! If you’re using the Strive Conference tool for your summer professional learning, you will notice some new features and updates that will enhance that experience.

Conference Managers can add more detail to publishing a conference by adding start times to the Publish and Registration dates here.

Conference Managers can edit sessions during the conference and email attendees.

Conference attendees can access conference sessions from the Enrolled and Completed sections of the My Professional Learning Tab.

Conference attendees can print a certificate from their session listed on the Completed Course section from their My Professional Learning Tab.

Upcoming Events

In-person events are back! Our next attended event is TAC from November 7-9 (our biggest event of the year!). As Silver Sponsors, we’ll be showcasing in the demo fair, participating in a panel discussion during breakout sessions and holding our own invite-only customer appreciation event! Stay tuned for details and make sure you mark your calendars to RSVP!

August 24: From Compliant to Collaborative: Best Practices for the Evaluation Process

Calling all principals and campus instructional leaders! Learn how your Strive local evaluation process can be set up to support your engagement in a collaborative process. All teachers deserve an evaluation system that celebrates their accomplishments and allows them to guide their own professional growth. Solutions in Strive through goal setting, messages, evidence collection and more honor the daily work of educators and their coaches.

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August 31: Simplify Interactive Items by Content Area

Teachers and test authors from far and wide can benefit from Eduphoria’s TEI’s. Many districts have spent the past year implementing Interactive Response Questions with students and teachers. Are you behind the pack? Join us to learn more about what is currently available for assessing students in each content area, as well as what’s coming soon to your online assessment platform, Aware.

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The Eduphoria Family Continues to Grow!

Welcome to the newest school districts to join the Eduphoria family! We can’t wait to help you all empower your educators and administrators to be the superheroes they are through our assessment, curriculum, and professional growth resources. Join us in welcoming:

On-Demand Digital Learning Opportunities

Looking for ways to support your campuses and teams with On-Demand Eduphoria digital learning opportunities? We’ve got you covered.

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Now about that pop quiz…

A: Because their students were bright! 🌟