Fall is officially here and as we say goodbye to Summer, we’re saying hello to a whole host of updates in Aware! From new Student Login URLs to the new version of Aware and more, make sure you’re up to speed on all of the changes we’re making to help you make a difference in the classroom. We also have a full lineup of webinars this month - check them out below and don’t forget to register!

Monthly Mantra for a Successful School Year

As educators, you’re constantly being pulled in a million directions, making it easy to get overwhelmed and forget how capable you are. If this is you, repeat this month’s mantra when you need a little reminder that you are making a difference and you are capable of overcoming the challenges at hand. You’ve got this!

“I can do hard things.”

A little laugh to keep you and your students entertained…

Why did the student eat their homework? Keep reading to find out!

Bumper Sticker Contest

Thank you to everyone who entered our Annual Bumper Sticker Contest this month! The winner will be announced at TAC this year, so stay tuned to see the winning sticker!

October Webinars

October 5, 2022: How online testing support impacts campus practices

We know you are administering online assessments, but are you analyzing the use of student supports? As educators, we aim to know our students by name and by need. Online assessments in Aware provide options to monitor and evaluate the need for continued use or a gradual release away from specific student supports. Come learn how you can enhance your understanding of student learning by applying the appropriate tools in the online environment.

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October 19, 2022: Refine how your district discusses and measures growth

Who is leading conversations about student growth in your organization? The answer could be everyone! Let’s take a look at systems for collecting measurements of student growth and educator effectiveness.

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October 26, 2022: Ask me anything: student monitoring edition

We would love to hear what is on your mind when it comes to monitoring students. Join us for a demonstration of translating your district snapshot into monitor groups in Aware. Participants will be able to engage and submit questions to drive the conversation on the topic of student monitoring.

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Aware Premium: Single Test Analysis

Eduphoria is excited to announce a new offering: Aware Premium! Join our team on November 17, 2022 at 10:00 AM CST to get a sneak peek and learn about new features that will be available in Aware Premium for the current and 2023-24 school years. All districts that upgrade to Aware Premium will have immediate access to the new Single Test Analysis tools coming in October.

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What’s New in Aware?

Inequality graphic has recently been released! Students are now able to graph two lines - dashed or solid - and a solution set. This question type meets the needs of Algebra I.

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Explore the Enhanced Aware Navigation

You may have noticed the “Try Aware Beta” button. Throughout this school year, we’ll be making connections from the current Aware to the New Aware, so check out our updates periodically to see what’s been added.

What’s already there?

Check out the improved data navigation under Data Views and the enhanced accessibility provided in the Overview.

What’s next?

Expect to see Student Forms and Student Profiles in the New Aware Navigation this Fall. These updates will include new search and filter options, including the ability to filter students by approved monitor lists.

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Updates to Student Login URLs

Wow. During the rush of the new school season, you have already administered over 4,500,000 online assessments.

We have a small favor to ask: if you have not already done so, update your Student Login URL anywhere you may have this conveniently saved for students and staff. The steps are simple:

  1. Locate the updated URL from the Online tab of an assessment.

  2. Replace existing links for quick access.

  3. Take a deep breath knowing teachers and students are set up for success.

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Featured TEI

Aware has many options to enhance online tests. This month we are showcasing the Equation Editor. This item type allows students to utilize math language in text entry questions.

Interactive Response Questions: Equation Editor

Text entry now supports Equation Editor functionality:

  • Elementary Math Editor supports K - 5

  • Secondary Math Editor supports 6 - 12

  • Apply Correct/Incorrect, Partial Credit or Points, per Task scoring rules

Be sure to check out the Equation Editor on our interactive question cards.

New RLA Reporting Categories

RLA reporting categories are changing for the 2022-23 school year. Now there are only two reporting categories for Reading Language Arts, grades 3 - 8. Please review the TEA new assessed curriculum to view these changes. These new Reporting Categories will be updated in Aware in October 2022.

Support Hours

Support Hours of Operation are:

Monday: 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

Tuesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

Wednesday: 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm CST

Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm CST

Now About That Joke…

A: Because the teacher told them it was a piece of cake!