A great day was had by all runners at Jells Park on Saturday afternoon. The consistent rain that was hammering Geelong was non existent past the West Gate and for the first year that I can remember, the side panels of the marquee remained off!

The course was lush, if not a bit deep in some spots and the big climb past the start/finish line isn't getting any less demanding. A true example of a high intensity cross country course! 

We had lots of friendly new faces around the tent so a big welcome to all those new runners. I hope all the smiles meant that you were having fun though there weren't too many smiles to be had on the second lap. Thanks for joining our club and we look forward to getting to know everybody as the year progresses. 

I must say a big thank you to all the timers on the day. We very much appreciate the time that you've offered up on your weekend. Special mention to Natalya Hall-Dekleva who travelled up on public transport just to help the team with timing matters. Thanks Natalya!

Stand out results from Saturday were 

U18 F - 3rd.
Div 4 F - 2nd
Div 5 F - 2nd

U16 M - dnf     U14 - ?(unknown sorry!)  
Tom Hockley-Samon 10.59   Mia Fuller ?
Lochlann Dess 12.31   Bethany Dean ?
- -   Sophie Coleman ?
Div 1 - 4th     U16 - 4th  
Julian Spence 18.23   Rebecca Waters 11.36
Harry Smithers 19.2   Alyssa Jones 13.05
Daniel Hutchinson 19.35   Olivia Hobbs 11.19
Craig Davis 19.14      
Brett Coleman 19.28   U18  - 3rd  
Nick Wightman 18.33   Heidi Demeo 10.41
      Sky Ellis 11.53
Div 2 - 12th     Georgia Quick 11.19
Oliver Loughan 23.01      
Brad Fuller 21.09   Div 1 - 4th  
Mick Low 20.49   Coreena Cleland 21.51
Tom Pearce 22.2   Sarah Walker 23.38
Jarrod McMullen 21.22   Tracy Douglas 22.47
Jack Hockley Samon 21.41   Rochelle Brennan 23.22
      Ellie O'Kane 22.01
      Div 4 - 2nd  
      Sharon Pederson 24.15
      Georgina Mervin 24.06
      Ash Clifton 24.39
      Div 5 - 2nd  
      Michelle Martin 26.5
      Rebecca Tucker 29.1
      Carolyn Scott 24.29

AV has put together a video highlights package for the race for their YouTube channel. A few Geelong runners feature. View it HERE

Paul the official (volunteer) photographer was out and about with the big lens on Saturday. He clocked up nearly 800 pics which were culled to a more manageable 120. Theres some belters in there! They get posted in the Facebook Page linked at top of email or can be found directly HERE
Waterfront Health Studio Award - Brett Coleman produced an outstanding run given his limited training to keep the mens team in touch with the leaders in Division 1.
Muzzbuzz award - Sky Ellis. Sky raced well outside her age group and produced a time that most U/18's would be proud of. The best bit is - she's still eligible for U/14!!
Subway award - Ollie Loughan stepped up to run with the big boys in Division 2 Open! He lead the team out on the first leg, standing next to national level runners such as Jack Davies (Ballarat) and Jack Rayner (Western)!
Round 2 Wandin Park
The first of the individual races takes place on Saturday May 7 at Wandin Park. This event replaces the one that was previously at Lardner Park but is no less of a drive for Geelong runners! Traditionally, Geelong struggles at these events but we're hoping to change this by fielding some strong teams. Hopefully some more numbers in the Male divisions as the blokes were very absent at Jells Park!

Check the handbook for full details (linked above). If you haven't taken a XC package with your membership, you'll need to enter individually. These entries haven't opened yet and with the AV portal dramas, best we stay tuned!
Geelong Anaesthetic Group is the MAJOR SPONSOR of the 2016 Geelong team.
Luke Madeley (Podiatrist) - Health E Allied Services, Shannon Avenue, Geelong West.

Trent Beaton from Geelong Myotherapy will keep your engine running smoothly and sort out any niggles that slow you down.

The place to visit for your Physiotherapy and Pilates needs!

Louis Rowan, founder and Director of Steigen performance apparel provides the team with quality Geelong branded uniform. 
Steampocket Restaurant and Cafe on Pakington Street
MuzzBuzz Drive Thru Coffee
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