Dragon Box Resellers and Referrals Wanted!
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New Dragon Box Resellers Wanted NOW!

Now that so many of you have boxes how would you like to make an extra $2000.00 to $8000.00 a Month or more?

We Need New Resellers For The Dragon Box!

Anyone looking to make some amazing money in 2018 now is the time to get involved! We have been in business now for 6 years and have over 250,000 customers in 50 states and 4 countries and growing. We have more choices than any box on the market including Milo TV that no one else can offer.

Let me ask you a question, If the CEO of a proven 6-year-old multi-million dollar company emails you with an opportunity to become part of that company and to make some amazing money being a reseller selling a product you own, love or even like why wouldn't you want to inquire to get involved with our company and this product?

If you saving for retirement, College for your kids, Vacation or a rainy day fund this is the business you want to get involved in.

We beat any box out there in performance, customization & Premium apps. The margins you can make are phenomenal!

We have 374 sellers across the world and are listed on Amazon, Sears and Walmart we have created jobs and 6 figure incomes and helped thousands of people make great money full or part-time. Dragon Box has helped people quit their jobs, make amazing money and change their lives. Some stories are buying cars, down payments on houses, Paying for school tuition, engagement rings, Vacations what you make is up to you but you will make GUARANTEED MONEY!

If interested there is an upfront cost to get started but you will see profits in your first week. We handle all of the marketing materials you will need, we can also help get you set you up with booths at street fairs and festivals where you can move 20 or more units a day. We do all of the training and personal mentoring as well the tech support, warranty, customer service and keeping the product up to date with the latest firmware and software. We also have monthly conference calls with all the distributors and resellers so we can all feed off each other because teamwork is what makes a successful company. If you succeed we succeed and we want you to do very well.

You can contact us and submit a lead to be a reseller through our website or via our 1-800 number listed below.

Closing Note:

Referral business is the best business, please help Dragon Box and spread the word and tell everyone you know about Dragon Box. We are giving away a free box to every 4 referrals you send us all they need to do is mention your name or you can tell us who you referred and we will ship you a free unit.

You can also FILL OUT THE RESELLER FORM ON OUR WEBSITE WWW.THEDRAGONBOX.COM, message me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, Voxer, Live Chat on Our website, Email submission or call 617-294-9758

Phone: (877) 494-8956 Press Option 1 for Sales

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