We Have our Provisional Visas!
Thank you for all your prayer.

After a lot of diligence, navigating various government agencies in several states (each of our children were born in a different state) and a foreign government appointment where Betsy and I met with the Costa Rican Consulate in Chicago last week we had all the paperwork and were granted provisional student visas. We will finish the process when we arrive in Coasta Rica.

Just 6 Days Until We Leave
It's amazing to think that in just six days (December 14), Lord willing, we will be in Costa Rica beginning our first term on the field with Reaching and Teaching. The importance of language acquisition cannot be overestimated. As missionaries our entire ministry is communicating the most important truth people will ever hear and therefore we are very thankful for our partnership team as you walk alongside us and make it possible for us to get the critical ministry tool of learning Spanish and Latin American culture.
Family Update
Goodbyes are hard but it has been sweet to spend quality time with family, our church and close friends. 

Top - Betsy and I visited "the bean" while we were downtown Chicago for our appointment with the Costa Rican consulate. The skyline is actually a reflection off "the bean."
Upper Left -  Ellie and Aunt Aimee decorating together
Upper Right - Gingerbread houses with some of the other children from the church
Lower Left - Everyone had a lot of fun playing in the snow in IL
Lower Right - The pastors of our sending church praying for us at our send off church gathering in KC 

Year End Giving

If you would like to contribute a year end donation to our ministry through Reaching and Teaching just click here or consider giving to these other great Kingdom-focused missionaries and ministries that we know personally.

  • Reaching and Teaching International Ministries GIVE
  • Greenup Family (our teammates) - Missionaries to Peru GIVE
  • McKenzie Family (our teammates) - Missionaries to Peru GIVE
  • Gibson Family - Missionaries to Mexico GIVE
  • Nash Family - South Asia GIVE
  • Bryant Family - Missionaries to PNG GIVE
  • Bular Family - Missionaries to PNG GIVE
  • Keres Family - Missionaries to NW Ontario Canada GIVE
  • Klockenga Family - Missionaries to NW Ontario Canada GIVE
 Praises and Prayer Requests
  • Praise - The Lord continues to provide in wonderful ways as He moves us closer to meeting our outgoing and monthly budget needs through continuing to grow our team of ministry partners. We are honored to have such godly and Kingdom-minded people partnering with us!
  • Praise - We have our provisional student visas for Costa Rica. Pray the rest of the process goes smoothly.
  • Praise- In the last few weeks we have made connections with some key ministry contacts in Peru. The Lord seems to be preparing ministry opportunities that look like they will be ready to go when we arrive,
  • Prayer Request - Please pray for our travel to Costa Rica on December 14 and that we will all draw close to the Lord as we learn to live in a new culture and new language.
  • Prayer Request - For our whole family a supernatural ability to acquire Spanish and adapt to the culture quickly.
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