One trimester down...

It's hard to believe but we have been in Costa Rica going through language school for 4 months now. It's even harder to believe that we have completed out first trimester of school. It has, without a doubt, been the hardest transition we have every made but it's amazing to look back at how much we have learned not just about language but about Latin American culture, building relationships across cultures, and of course about ourselves. 

We have remained thankful that Betsy stayed home with the children this last trimester to help everyone adjust to a new life here. Aside from all her responsibilities at home she did 4 hours of one-on-one tutoring per week. However, next trimester she will go to class full-time. This means that the girls will enter the bi-lingual preschool and Ethan and Titus will participate in a summer camp program that is entirely in Spanish while we are in class.

These will be big and certainly difficult transitions for the next few months so please pray that we see God's sustaining grace poured out on all of us. We really appreciate the prayers of so many of you as we sorted out how we would approach the next trimester.

Growing relationships

Please continue to pray for the sweet relationships we have been forming with our neighbor Cecilia and our friend Eugenia and her four year old daughter Briana. We have had them both to our home, we spend a lot of time at the park with Eugenia and Briana and in fact, they (Eugenia and Briana) are going on a day trip to a nearby city with us. They wanted to come along to spend the day with us showing everything we need to see. 

Speaking of relationships, I (Trevor) was recently able to attend a pastors' conference about two hours outside of San Jose. It was entirely in Spanish, of course, and the president of Reaching and Teaching, Dr. David Sills was the speaker for the conference. 

It was a joy to get know pastors from all over Costa Rica over meal times and I made some good connections with a few who live nearby us. We look forward to seeing these relationships develop and one of these brothers has asked us to help him with some ministry his church does in the mountains outside of the city. 
  • We were blessed to have our friend Nati come visit us for a few weeks. She was a great encouragement. 
  • Titus picked Ellie to do the honors of smashing the traditional birthday cupcake in his face. Titus turned 7 on March 22.
  • Nora decided to have some of her friends over for a tea party to celebrate her 4th birthday which was on March 30.
  • Ellie has had the desire to be swaddled like a baby and carried around lately. It's crazy how big Ethan and Titus are getting that they can carry her all around.
Praises and Prayer Requests
  • Praise - The Lord faithfully sustained us through our first trimester of language school
  • Praise - We are thankful for the relationships we are building with new Costa Rican friends and pray they are gospel-focused
  • Praise - We are thankful for the time we had with Nati
  • Prayer Request -  Pray for our whole family as Betsy will be away from the kids and vice-versa for the first time ever next trimester. 
  • Prayer Request - For perseverance, diligence, and joy in language learning for all of us.
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