"I've been in jail the last 21 days..."

"You are a pastor, right?" said our electrician. Knowing that this is usually a pretense to something big that will follow and this time it would be in Spanish, I hesitantly said, "Yes..." 

"Well, I have been in jail the the last 21 days..." From there Miguel, a professing believer whom I have gotten to know pretty well over the last six months since every appliance of ours has broken at least once, went on to tell me a story about his son getting his girlfriend pregnant, the girlfriend's father beating Miguel's son with a pistol and then Miguel finding the father and shooting him in the leg for revenge for his son. He then looked at me and said, "Everything is out of control. What should I do?" 

Realizing my the magnitude of the situation and my uncertainty of being able to communicate what I wanted to in Spanish, I prayed silently to the Lord to help my Spanish and give me wisdom. Praise God - he did. I was able to give some pretty direct counsel to Miguel about repentance and forgiveness - forgiving the other father. We talked about the parable of the unmerciful servant. Some of this was hard to swallow for him. I challenged him to get before the Lord and gave him some Scripture to read, and we prayed together. By this time he was crying.

Many things struck me about this but two in particular stood out. First, the Lord allowed me to communicate clearer than I would have thought possible. I am confident it was not perfect but it was certainly sufficient. Secondly, by God's providence I had just been learning the particular grammar rules for giving someone counsel, to express my desire for what I want for another person, and to correctly express emotion in the way I needed to for this situation (these are some subjunctive rules for you Spanish experts out there). 

Overall, I am thankful for the this opportunity to ministry to Miguel and for how far my Spanish has come in the six months since being here. Please pray for Miguel.

  • Betsy and I celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary 
  • Ellie is always pushing the limits, especially at the park
  • Ethan and Titus flying a space shuttle at the children's museum here
  • Nora helping mommy bake

Poco a Poco

Betsy and I continue grow in our Spanish in the classroom and outside the classroom. Betsy recently shared her testimony in class as well as talked about a few different Bible stories, among other things. I was able to do a short 20 minute teaching and lead a discussion on basic principles for studying the Bible as well as teach through Ephesians 1:1-14. 

We have also been spending time with Costa Rican friends as time allows, particularly Betsy's friend Eugenia, our neighbor Cecilia, a pastor friend who lives nearby named Melvin as well as a few others. Betsy continues to help with the Bible study for some of the maids that some of the families use.

The kids have been enjoying their Spanish learning as well. While we are in class, Ethan and Titus are doing a day camp which is entirely in Spanish, Nora is doing preschool in half Spanish and half English and Ellie is in daycare which is completely in Spanish. It has been fun to see how quickly they learn.
Praises and Prayer Requests
  • Praise - We continually thank God for the way he has so faithfully provided through our team of ministry partners. We are so encouraged by the prayer, financial partnership, special notes and emails and every other special way you care for us.
  • Praise - We are thankful for the steady growth in our Spanish and for the gifted teachers we have here.
  • Praise - Betsy and I are thankful for 11 incredible years of marriage which has taken us to live in four states and two countries and spend a fair amount of time in Mexico as well. Most importantly, we have made amazing friends along the way!
  • Prayer Request - We have had quite a run of sickness in our house lately, particularly with the children. As I write this, Nora is on antibiotics and it seems that Ellie and Ethan have something similar to what Nora had. Pray for wellness and good sleep.
  • Prayer Request - Contentment and focus on that task at hand even as we begin to start making preparations for our move to Cusco. 
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